Pregnancy Blues
|   Sep 05, 2015
Pregnancy Blues

Getting to know that you are pregnant triggers a whole lot of emotions In a couple. For the planned ones, its an overwhelming sense of joy whereas for the surprise packages, it can be anything from excitement to rage to no emotions at all. Ours was fortunately a planned one thus, needless to say we were on cloud nine when we got to know.

But, this was just the beginning. Little did I know that our life was going to change drastically. Few months back I was this super strong, super independent woman who had a job of her own and lived life at her own terms. Now, I had become this super sensitive, vulnerable weakling who started crying at the drop of  a hat. I would like to conveniently shift all the blame on the hormones :)

As I was keeping unwell during my first trimester with endless bouts of nausea and the resulting weakness and never ending mood swings, I decided to take a break from my work and concentrate on nurturing the new life growing inside me. I am in my second trimester now and things seem to be much more in place. My health is better, I have actually started feeling that bond with my baby and the  mood swings are tad better than the previous months. I am sure once the lil one enters this world, my life is going to be a roller-coaster ride.

I do not have any piece of advice or suggestions for expectant mothers as of now as I know you are already getting truckloads of them ;) but, yes I would surely like to ask all of you mommies to be out there to keep aside everything and everyone else for a while and just enjoy this phase of your life. It is better said than done and I exactly know how it feels but, its something worth giving a shot.

Cherish the best moments of these 9 months and delete the not so happy moments because one thing is for sure when we review our lives a few years later, we would be laughing out loud on most of the things that we did now.




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