|   Aug 07, 2015

My six year old has settled well in his new school . He has adapted in his 1.8 ( as he says) Grade 1 . In sixth week , today on our way back from home he told me " Mumma - I am risk-taker, I was quite for a minute, he repeated, I am risk taker. I asked him why did he say what he said. He explained , Mumma you told me to just go out and explore and try things. Then he said so while I was crying on Day 1 when you dropped  me at bus Stop , I thought about what you said and from day 2 ,I am just making new friends and enjoying my bus ride to school. I just took the risk and am happy that I am risk-taker.

I was talking to his teacher , she told that he has not only settled him self but also is helping new students and making them comfortable. He also helps teacher by asking his friends and batch mates to follow her instructions.

I was so happy that he is able to relate to the  learning and apply it to day to day activities. I wonder if we as kids ever did that, what could be the reason. Our teachers didn't ask us to do it or it was not expected to apply the learning practically.

Needless to say risk taker made me proud, feels good that as parents probably we are making right decisions.

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