Setup your palace and live like a queen mommy
|   Jan 11, 2017
Setup your palace and live like a queen mommy

For a long long time, I have been bowling over the thoughts of wording down the experiences i have been juicing in the past two years. Mothering two little girls separated by exactly two years in time, motherhood has been layering my level of patience into a quite a creamy cake that my girls get to lick it over and sometimes spill it over to have me back into the baking room. Yup you guessed it right, i have been spending a lot of time in kitchen :).

Recently after I joined back the workforce, from the comfort of the home. In the middle of work, I was approached by a young mother anxious to learn how to tide through the first waves of balancing act between the work and home. Especially with a toddler and an infant rollicking and frolicking in the room where you are. I just told her one thing live like a queen. I feel my second child brought a lot of balance in my life. I read a lot of articles where people tell the advantages and disadvantages of having a second child. But it has been one of the best unplanned things that has happened in my life. Lot of energy has flown in, a transformation that is helping me rear in the happiness of mothering two children. A few things which have helped me in enjoying this lovely phase of life, I would like to share with other lovely mothers out there who would be looking out for some tips of the trade:

  • If possible bring your near and dears near you, or you can shift where your near and dears are. No matter however professional help you get, it always helps to have somebody close and trustworthy to supervise the care.
  • Do get professional caregivers, it definitely takes of the childcare stress and helps you enjoy the growing up years with your children.
  • Its the time to get the singing and dancing and all the fun back in life.
  • And its time to travel, so that your little ones get to see the world as you like.[Dont worry slowly you will learn travel in kid friendly way. Somewhere the journey has to begin.]
  • Dont be too strict with yourself but discipline is the key especially time discipline. If meal times and sleep times are not compromised, you will be in the company of an extremely friendly kiddo.
  • Avoid chocolates and sweets, I have observed two days of chocolate and my toddlers eating habits go in for a toss. Healthy and normal less spicy indian food is what keeps her cheerful.
  • Dont waste too much energy on small small things. Keep them well fed, well slept and safe. [Especially if you have a toddler running over an infant :)]
  • Research and keep reading, you never know when you can tumble upon an idea which will make your life one step easier.
  • Dont waste energy on thinking about saving, think about earning though :)
  • Be ambitious but be creative in doing out the balancing act. You will be able to walk the rope with ease.
  • Live life for the day.Rediscover your long lost passions because the creative juices are just oozing out Mommy.

Remember always, setup your palace and live like a queen :)!!!

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