Products and processes that I swear by as a New Mom....
|   Apr 12, 2017
Products and processes that I swear by as a New Mom....

With all the knowledge/experience I gained from my sisters-in-law, mum, mum-in-law and friends, I finally arrived at the list   of some best products, which really helped me a lot in this beautiful journey called Motherhood. 

Rash Cream/Diaper Cream-Diaper rashes are every mother’s nightmare. There are a lot of good creams available out there in the market. But Sudocreme takes the cake. And I have to say, my baby haven’t had a single rash. There is quite a good quantity; it would easily last at least  a year or two. It can also be used for minor burns, acne, bed sores, etc.

It is easily available on Amazon.

Carry cot/Bouncer- It was recommended to me by my sis-in-law. When you go out, you can’t hold your baby in your arms for the entire duration. And even the baby is not that comfortable. Carry cot helped me a lot during doctor visits, dinners, parties etc. Apart from that, whenever I had a hard time making my baby sleep, I rocked him in the cot, and he would be asleep within 10 minutes.

I owned the Mee-Mee one. It comes for around 2 to 3 thousand. And can be used for the babies till the age they can sit still. It comes with a seat belt and thus child safety is ensured. It also has a shade, making it quite useful, when you are outside in the sun. It is also easily available online.Thermometer-Trying to take a baby’s body temperature can be troublesome. But Braun thermometer is so easy. You just need to pop the tip in the ear and it reads the temperature within seconds.

Thermometer-Trying to take a baby’s body temperature can be troublesome. But Braun thermometer is so easy. You just need to pop the tip in the ear and it reads the temperature within seconds.

It has three modes. Thus it can be used for 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-months- adults. Though it is expensive, but this     one thermometer can be used as the family thermometer. No more sticking the thermometer under the tongue or under the   armpit. It is available here.

Formula Dispenser- This stack of boxes is the handiest thing ever. You can put the desired number of scoops of the formula in each stack and while making milk just tip the opening into the bottle. Voila! No more carrying of the formula container and measuring out the scoops in front of everyone.

You can later on also use it to stack your toddler’s snacks.

Diapers -Pampers is a one-stop choice for all the young mothers out there. Since, in the beginning, I couldn’t fathom when the diapers were full, or how full they should be before I change it again, I invested in the Pampers Premium Care. These diapers come with a yellow line, which turns blue according to the wetness. (Though I am sure many of you already know about it, but just in case.)


Cleaning the poop- At the very beginning, when I was bone tired and wasn't even able to get up, I used to wipe my baby’s poop with baby wipes. Though it is very good and is very fragrant, some of my relatives and friends advised me not to use it. They told me it has chemicals and you would be better off using cotton and water. You can use wipes when you go out.

I, finally decided one day to do the same. Since it was winter, I used warm water. And I have to say it was so easy and so smooth on my baby’s bottom. Wipes can cause harsh marks, but cotton simply swipes the area with little or no friction.

In winter, it was so much pain to get up and warm the water and stuff, but it definitely was worth it. My baby is now 5             months old, and still I am using cotton.

Make sure you do not put newspapers beneath the baby's bum; newspapers are full of chemicals and thus are not good.

Applying the coconut oil- One thing, which was advised to me by my paediatrician, was to apply coconut oil if any rashes occur. I followed the same.

 You should apply coconut oil in ample quantity once you open the diaper. It will give you amazing results. And the baby’s bum will be as soft as a duck’s down.

Steam- Infants are prone to mild cold and nose blockage. In order to relieve my baby, I used to hold him/her in arms and angle the steamer at about a foot from me, so that a mild mist is there. I used to let my baby breathe in the steam for about 5-10 minutes. It really helped in clearing the nose.

Ajwain Water

Whenever I used to make top feed for my baby, I used to boil the water by adding few carom seeds to it. It really helped me in curbing colic. 

 If you are exclusively breastfeeding then, you can have ajwain water. I continued having ajwain water for at least 4 months. 

No powder

I always thought that powder should be applied in ample quantity in order to avoid rashes. But then if you apply powder and   if the baby sweats, the powder can cake in the nooks and crevices such as armpits, a joint between the legs etc. and cause rashes.

Here, the coconut oil comes to the rescue. 

If you have some useful tips and advises, make sure to comment below.


Disclaimer: I totally understand our babies are the most beautiful and delicate things in the world. These are based on my experiences and I would advise you to consult a medical practitioner or a doctor before applying the same.









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