10 Things you should know about breastfeeding..
|   Dec 05, 2016
10 Things you should know about breastfeeding..

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for every women .It makes a emotional bond between mother and baby. A feeling of warmth and love for the baby .

But there are things  about breastfeeding which some first time moms are unaware of.

So here are the 10 things you should know -

  1. Breastfeeding for the first time after birth of baby is painful.Yes you heard it right in most of the cases its painful. Your breast may become sore and it hurts when baby suckles.
  2. After baby is born the first thick milk called colostrum which is rich in nutrients should be fed to the baby.
  3. Its a game of demand and supply.The more you feed the baby the more milk is produced .Women often think they are not getting enough milk but the milk is only produced when baby suckles.
  4. Try feeding equally from both breasts as giving priority to one side may result in size difference in breasts.
  5. Don't let milk accumulate in the breasts and if this happens then express milk with help of breastpump.Expressed milk can be stored in refrigerator and fed to baby afterwards.
  6. One may get high fever and bodyache if milk is not expressed at regular intervals.This situation termed as mastitis results from blocked ducts due to milk in the breasts which is not expressed.
  7. Wear a good feeding bra with good support as this will prevent breasts from sagging.
  8. Breast milk is best for baby so one should strictly breastfeed till baby is 6 months old and after six months along with solids breastfeeding should be continued till 2 years of age.Breast milk helps in clearing of jaundice if baby has high bilirubin levels.
  9. Even if you have fever or cold breastfeeding won't harm your baby so don't stop feeding and you can consult your doctor if hesitant.
  10. No medication should be consumed by breastfeeding mother without doctors prescription as there are certain drugs which should be avoided during lactation.
Hope these points help you understand the importance of breastfeeding.

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