Indian Women – Breathe, Chill and Relax
|   Jul 21, 2017
Indian Women – Breathe, Chill and Relax

Recently I read an article of Chetan Bhagat in which he talks about the survey that shows 87% of women are always stressed. There he stressed mainly about Indian Women who are worried 24*7*No of days God has given to them. Sometimes tension related to Family, Career, Kids, family and, most important least worried about themselves especially after marriage.

I think this is correct or I would say that Indian women are stressed not only because of these things, there are a lot of problems, one of them is the attitude of Indian society which doesn't give much space to Indian women to spread their wings.The kind of society where Husband/In-laws don't do anything but want every level of perfection in their wives/bahu.Moreover, there are places where girls are aborted before they were born, if born neglected in their upbringing, raped and worst case sold out.

Have we ever given a thought, what if Women is not there? Can we imagine a single day without Mother,Wife,Sister,Girlfriend.Is there any movie which is complete without actress.

In this respect, Chetan Bhagat says changing mindset of the society is a big task or this would take time.

But he shared some of the beautiful tips, I think which every Indian woman should Read

1. Don't ever think you are without power.You have the power to give birth to new life so you could do anything. Be who you are, not someone others wished you would be. If someone doesn't like you that's their problem.

2. If at your workplace you are not getting proper respect/value, Talk to management or Quit that Job.Talented, hard-working people are much in demand.

3. Keep on Educating yourself, learn new everyday skills, network - figure out ways to be economically independent. So you never know how life take turns or next time your husband tells you that you are not a good enough wife, mother or daughter-in-law, you can tell him to take a hike.

4. Do not ever feel stressed about having a dual responsibility of family and work. It is difficult, but not impossible. The simple trick is not to expect an A+ in every aspect of your life. You are not giving any exam. It is okay if you don't make four dishes for lunch, one can fill their stomach with one. It is okay if you don't work until midnight and don't get a promotion. Nobody remembers their job designation on their dying day.

5. Most important, never –never do competition with other women. Someone will make a better scrapbook for her school project than you. Another will lose more weight with a better diet. Do your best, but don't keep looking out for the report card, and definitely don't expect to top the class. There is no ideal woman in this world, and if you strive to become one, there will be only one thing you will achieve for certain - stress.

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