My Daughter Looks Just Like...
|   Aug 19, 2016
My Daughter Looks Just Like...

 I have a very gorgeous baby girl. My husband and I absolutely adore her. I am just not sure how to handle the comments when people say, "Oh, she looks exactly like her DAD!"

 Little M has a lovely set of almond shaped brown eyes with long lashes to match, a nice pointy nose and rosebud lips that bear resemblence to mine yet everyone says she is my husbands clone. The remarks are made with such emphasis that the words sting long after they are said. I know I am probably being silly.

 I find it a little hard to believe that she is my husbands look alike simply because everytime I gaze at my munchkin all I can see is a smaller version of me. However, I stand heavily outnumbered in a sea of relatives and friends who only see my husbands round face with chubby cheeks in my daughter and fail to notice my genetic coding etched in her delicate pink appendages. 

 I mean, little M definitely has bits of my husband passed down to her by him but she also has pieces of me moulded in her features. 

 It seems like people feel compelled to say it over and over that our baby looks just like her dad. The constant comments get really awkward especially when people go on and on about how I have nothing even remotely similar to my sweet pea. Can't I even claim a tiny toe for myself?

 I suppose it doesnt really matter whether our daughter is her dad's mirror image or a stamp print of her mother so long as our precious child is happy, healthy and thriving. Still, just for once I would like it if someone came up to me and said, " Oh, she looks just like you."

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