Wash. Dry. Iron. Fold. Repeat. Coming Clean on Baby Laundry.
|   May 25, 2017
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Wash. Dry. Iron. Fold. Repeat. Coming Clean on Baby Laundry.

Since little M entered my life I am surrounded by loads of love and lots of laundry. My bundle of joy managed to generate an even larger bundle of laundry each day. From spit-up to diaper blow outs she went through so many outfit changes each day it made my head spin like the washer and the dryer.

As I learnt to tackle huge mountains of tiny socks, onesies, bibs and dresses I came up with my own way of coping with the demanding and unending laundry challenge.

Here's how I handled the heaps and piles of my tiny clothes - drying - machine.

Always Wash Before Wear

Each item of clothing present in M's wardrobe is washed before first use. This gets rid of the residue from the manufacturing process and also ensures that the bacteria accumulated on the clothes when purchased from the store won't harm her delicate sensitive skin. All stickers and tags are removed too.


Separate Laundry Basket

The tiny empress has her own laundry basket. Since the little one goes through quite a few clothing changes each day it helps me remain organized, keep track of them and know when I need to wash more. It also makes her feel important (if you know what I mean...) as she is just starting to learn how to put her clothes in the basket herself.



I have made sure both M and our clothes are washed with a baby friendly detergent that is free of colours, dyes, scents and fragrances. This helps reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.

Why our clothes too? Because we are a family that loves to hug and cuddle and our clothes come in contact with M and her precious skin during this lovely act of love. :)


Independent washing

It's good to wash baby clothes separately from other garments of people at home for at least the first six months since their birth. This helps avoid contact with dirt and other dangerous products if left behind in clothes. For some reason we still wash Smally's clothes separately from ours.


Pre-treating Stains

I am always playing "hide and seek" with the stains. The best way to get rid of them is to attend to them as soon as one can. Other times I just soak the garments in warm water along with a bit of detergent before giving them a gentle scrub.


Hand Washing

Certain clothes are hand washed so as to avoid spoiling them. The most important aspect of hand washing is ensuring that the final rinse does not leave any traces of detergent.


Machine Washing

I choose the "delicates" option on my machine to safeguard the clothes from ruin. I also use the extra rinse option to avoid detergent residue on the apparel.



I do make it a point to read the washing instructions on the clothes and try to follow them. However, most of the garments are washed at temperatures between 30°c to 40°c. If they are heavily soiled I wash them at a temperature of approximately 60°c in order to avoid the bacteria that can remain at lower temperatures. Sometimes I add in a disinfectant in the wash cycle in order to kill the bacteria at lower temperatures.


Inside out and separate colours

I turn all garments inside out when I wash them especially if they are being done in the machine. This avoids surface abrasions and button snaps. I also separate the lights from the dark's to avoid colour running over the lighter ones.



My dad is an iron fanatic and it has left a lasting impression on me. So I iron everything - from M's tees to our sheets.


Other items

M's stuffed toys, blankets and bed-sheets are all washed at least once a week. Any clothing item that will come in direct contact with her skin is always washed prior use including her bedding.


Well, with the amount of laundry that I have to do I am certain either there is someone in our house I am yet to meet or the clothes are magically multiplying. Either way there is no way around laundry. Just wash. Dry. Iron. Fold and repeat. ;)

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