Talking about Death - as a responsible parent 
|   Mar 15, 2017
Talking about Death - as a responsible parent 

Last month we had a birthday bash; it was our son’s 5th birthday party. His grandparents were here for the celebration. He was super excited to see his Nana-Nani and Dadi. The party went well and the kids enjoyed a lot.

After a couple of days when our parents returned to our native place, we got busy in opening all the gifts and presents received during the birthday party. During the process, I was encountered with one uncertain and genuine question by our son, “Mumma! Dadi, Nana and Nani attended my birthday party, but why didn’t Dadaji came over? Why do he have to stay with GOD and not with dadi? Doesn’t he love us? “….A silence followed…I needed some space to gather courage to answer his question…so I requested him to bring something to keep the gifts…

My son was just about 2 months old when he lost his Dadaji. He could have spent barely a couple of moments with him, which unfortunately was not enough to generate his memory about him. The only source for him to know his dadaji was through the family photos.

Life and death are truth of human being existence. We all come across this truth at a certain age. However, I was stumped by his question. There was no “perfect” response to his question. But being a responsible mother, it is my duty to guide him through all his queries with reasonable convincing and truthful answers which he could understand and carry forward to his tender age. Kids thought process is different than the adults. The whole world is available for them to be explored. Sometimes, queries about life and death tends us to soft pad the truth, which may be as dangerous as handing over a sharp weapon to them, which can be used by them in future in another situation.

I answered his question by saying, “Your dadaji grown older and fallen ill, due to which his body stopped functioning. This is called as “death”. Though he is no more with us, our love for him still exists.” Our son was convinced with my answer.

Today's generation is way ahead in terms of exploratory mind and exposure they get as compared to our generation. So it is our moral responsibility to guide them through these explorations with patience and truth. It is a well-known and established fact that parents are the first teachers to their kids, so it is an additional responsibility to be a good teacher and guide our first and only pupils on the path of life.

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