A Woman’s story
|   Mar 03, 2016
A Woman’s story

Every woman has a story.


She might have had a traumatic childhood. She might come from a broken home. She might have been taunted and humiliated by her peers as a teenager. She might have been let down by the people she loved. She might have been sexually abused.  She might be adopted and not come to terms with it. She might have worked after college everyday just to ensure she had the money to complete her education. She may have married for love and then realised it wasn’t love after all. She might have stood up against her family just to stand by the man she loved. She might have worked days and nights to go up the corporate ladder. She might have chosen to step back from everything she worked for just to be there for her family. She might leave behind young children just to make sure she has money to feed the ones dependent on her. She might be a widow. She might be being cheated on by her husband. She might be single and love it. She might be in a loveless relationship although she is married. She might have a serious health issue. She might be in an abusive marriage. She might be divorced. She might have problems conceiving a child. She might have a special child. She might not be respected by her own family. She might be desperately trying to pick up the pieces. She might have come close to ending her life.


She maybe alone.


When a woman decides to pick herself up, put a smile on her face and take life by the horns, appreciate her spunk. She has decided to let bygones be bygones, accepted the cards life has dealt her, and look at what lay ahead with renewed faith, hope and love.


Walk by her side and support her in every way possible.


Do not intrude into her personal space. Do not criticize. Do not be cynical. Do not judge her by her past or even her current situation.


What she needs is a friend. A friend to understand. Make a vow this women’s day to be that friend.


She needs you.


The woman in this story not fictional. This woman is my friend. She is an acquaintance. She is my cousin. She is my aunt. She is my neighbour. She is my colleague. She is my sister. She is my mother. This woman is me...



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