Out of the box birthday ideas for kids over 6
|   Dec 10, 2015
Out of the box birthday ideas for kids over 6

This is my second blog on birthday ideas with a difference. Earlier, I had covered some suggestions for younger children. This list is for kids who are over 6 years of age. Your pre-teens will never want the drab fast food restaurant  parties after you have thrown them one of these.

Starry Starry Nights

Astronomy interests certain kids and they love looking at the night sky, and learning about the planets and space. This theme is perfect for them! Have danglers with the sun, moon, planets and stars hanging from the ceiling, paste the glow in the dark stickers,bake a solar system cake – Cupcakes of varying sizes placed on a board and orbits piped with chocolate sauce or ganache. Also, take the kids on a trip to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore to watch the show. It’s bound to leave them starry eyed!

The Big Bang Theory

The science geeks are sure to get excited by this idea. Science Utsav in Bangalore, offers science themed birthday parties.  From invisible ink invites to building their own camera or a propeller boat, to even dabbling in forensic science, the options are quite varied. Ask your engineer or scientist in the making to pick the one that excites him / her and watch his / her face light up with  100 watts!
Up, up and away
This is for  those kids who dream to be pilots when they grow up! Organize a trip to the HAL Aerospace museum in Bangalore. Between viewing the various aircrafts, helicopters and, of course, the mock Air Traffic Control Tower, they’re bound to have a memorable time! Back at home have small treats ready for the kids in line with the them, and bake an airport cake with a runway, hangar with their little toy planes arranged on it.

Puppet Masters

Have a puppet-themed party for a pre-teen with a creative bend. Take the children to an art gallery like the Chitrakala Parishad in Bangalore to see puppets, masks, costumes and headgear from an era gone by. Invite the kids over in the evening a few days before the big day to make puppets out of paper mache,  get them to develop a story and script, and put up a play on the birthday, invite their parents to view the show staged by the children. You are sure to have excited kids and beaming parents exit your home post the birthday bash. 

Put on your thinking caps (or should I say party hats?) and get cracking! Amaze your kids, their friends, and their parents with your amazing ideas that will be cherished for a lifetime

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