Out of the box birthday ideas for kids under 6
|   Dec 10, 2015
Out of the box birthday ideas for kids under 6

Birthdays! Every child waits for them eagerly, while the parents dread them. Be it the “Frozen” theme or “Chota Bheem”, the have all been done to death, and become repetitive and boring.  Balloon arches, printed vinyl banners, thermocol cut outs and restaurant buffets: exactly the same at every birthday party, nothing new to expect. Do children actually enjoy these parties and would they remember it 10 years later? Highly unlikely!

Birthday parties that are a unique experience – a trip to the museum, art gallery, or the park are very popular abroad but yet to pick up in India. Make a difference this year, read on and make your child’s party memorable for a lifetime!

Choo Choo train

A train theme is one of the simplest to do. Design your invitations like train tickets, decorate your home like a station and serve food that is typically served on a train journey… sandwiches, vada, mini dosas, rolls, milkshakes in small cups....you get the drift right? Also bake your own cake at home with assistance from junior. Get his help measuring out portions, greasing trays and of course tasting the batter... wink wink. To top this all off, take all the kids on a trip to the National Rail Museum in Delhi, to see how trains have evolved over the years.  The little ones are bound to come back chugging with glee at the end of the day.

Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
For a little girl who is still too small to understand museums but obsessed with all things pretty, do a flower theme. Make cupcakes decorated like different flowers and teach the children their names. Take them to the Lalbagh flower show in Bangalore to experience the beauty of nature. Have a picnic with the kids with fun outdoor activities. Decorate the house with pompoms resembling flowers, hung at different levels from the ceiling. Give away saplings of flowering plants that are easy  to nurture like marigold, sunflower or cosmos as return gifts. The kids are bound to cherish these little gifts more than the regular stationary supplies.

Eee Yaa Eee Yaa Ohh

An animal loving toddler and his friends will enjoy a trip to a petting zoo like “The Martin Farm” in Bangalore, armed with a picnic basket lunch ofcourse. For an activity, cut out animal faces on chart paper and hand out crayons. The kids can colour their sheets as they munch on animal shaped cookies and chocolates.

Eat, Play, Learn
For a child who has boundless energy and gets bored easily, the “Girias Children’s Explorium” in Bangalore is a perfect choice. It is a first of its kind in the country. The little ones can climb, read, role-play, splash around, create and do many more activities, all under the same roof! The kids are bound to come back with action-packed memories!

Your kids are older and hence this write up didn't help you? Hold on and wait for my next blog with ideas for kids over 6!

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