The Tigress Unleashed!
|   Sep 28, 2016
The Tigress Unleashed!

There never is a time when you’re as vulnerable as when you become a mother. Small things get to your nerves and many things that you wouldn’t hold as important suddenly become of paramount importance. Suddenly you become aware of the shoe which the visitor has walked into your room wearing or become intolerant of people who speak in high pitched voices. These are just few examples. All have their pet peeves and every mom gets irked by the smallest of things at times. But the question is, is it really important or acceptable to be this finicky just because you’re a mother and have a newborn to tend to? Is the pessimistic attitude really justified? Is the rude behaviour towards people who do not listen to your motherly concerns and instructions really needed? Hell yeah! It Is… If they don’t listen to you, who do they listen to? It’s a time when everyone, especially immediate family members should get one thing straight in their heads – that MOTHER KNOWS BEST!! And no Mother should be made to feel guilty of standing up for her child..

The few weeks after I delivered my Baby, I had been having vivid recurring dreams which came once in 3 days or so. In the Dreams I inevitably saw a Tiger or many of them, prowling about around the house, in our garden or lounging on my bed. The dreams would leave me exhausted mainly because of their vividness and because, well it was scary. I would wake up panting, trying to escape the Tiger invasion in my house. After having dreamt this dream a couple times, I wanted answers as to why this recurrent theme to my dreams. I googled the interpretation and to my surprise almost every article I read mentioned seeing Tigers as a sign of Motherhood. They said if a Mother sees a Tiger, it is in fact a reflection of her and also suggested to face the Tiger and look it in the eye instead of running away from it. I wondered how I could get myself to control what I do in my dreams, but essentially I figured that it meant that ‘ We as Mothers should not shy away from the immense Strength and potential that has been bestowed upon us. We Mothers are powerful beings and any threat to our Child or our Kin will be met with Fury’ . I go with this interpretation and message since it is immensely empowering and strengthening. So Cheers to Us Tigresses, Roarrrr!

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