Celebrate fatherhood
|   Feb 27, 2017
Celebrate fatherhood

There's always a great glory attached to motherhood. In the scheme of things, mostly natural, a mother's role is eulogised because obviously she takes frontline in child bearing and rearing. A biological connection keeps mother and child glued together during the formative years. So, what about the father?

The seeds of life fused to bring forth a new life. One that belongs to the father is an equally significant connect. The other half of your parental bit is just as significant and just as essential to understand and appreciate. Fathers do go through a lot to ensure a life of security, belongingness and assurance for their children.

They lose their mate to the responsibilities of rearing. Though not completely but most couples lose out on active partnership in terms of together-time even if it is just a phase like many others in their relationship. His mate or spouse has become a mother and is naturally wired to respond to her offspring's needs first. For a man to put his needs on a backburner and become a fuel for his family is the real test of fatherhood. And its not easy, having watched the fine men in my family from close quarters do the same.

Taking difficult decisions: Now all alpha moms seem to be taking over that front but I believe that only fathers have the courage and conviction to go ahead with some really burdensome decisions. A mother's mind dwells in her heart. A father's mind consistently revolves around the well-being of his children even if it means an empty nest or emotional sacrifices on the part of the parents.

A job is a job; feeds my kids. I have believed for a very long time that a supportive wife can enhance her husband's career prospects significantly. What happens when she's swamped by the jobs of nurturing and child care? A dad will still get up early each morning to go out and earn for his family, no matter how bad it gets on the workfront or however much hardwork needs to be put in. That, my friends, is really brave and loveable. 

What? My hobbies...: While it's a universally celebrated sacrifice on the part of mothers, I have seen fathers forgetting all about their favourite pastimes and hobbies in a bid to support their children's and encouraging their mates. They work like machines through the week and entertain their family during vacations. Their minds may itch to break away but their brood keeps them hooked to domesticity. Such love!

And although many of you may digress from what I stated above, I admit, my friends, that there are all sorts of dads out there but their love should be celebrated each day.

 We mothers know the joy that sparkles in their eyes when they hold their children's hands. We sense their disappointment as acutely when children go awry. We hold their hand in the dusk of life even as their hearts swell with pride and prosthetic dentures smile and beam at their children's children. We hold that joy in our heart and thank God for blessing our children with such a wonderful fathers. 

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