Motivated moms
|   May 12, 2017
Motivated moms

A gardener who tends his garden with utmost zeal brings out the best blooms.

It somehow explains how young achievers have parents that have a major role in their accomplishments. Right here! Is our groundwork for a motivated mom. 

Who is a motivated mom?

We all mommies are motivated to varying degrees. 

  • A highly motivated mom is one who smiles often. 
  • She is cautious but takes calculated risks like letting her children choose their friends. 
  • She reasons and offers logic in all arguments that her children put up. 
  • She gets mad, as do all of us, but does not 'lose it'.
  • Her areas of interest are known to her partner and child(ren) though she may not pursue them actively.
  • She knows when to nudge, shove or push her child.
  • She does not limit the life of her children to school work and grades.
  • Life is an area of performance, world is just a place to live- is her mantra.

How to get there?

  • Do all the above or most without compromising your sanity!
  • Just kidding!
  • You'll get there. (Where?....sorry kidding again!)
  • Its an everyday challenge. The idea is to never droop like a consciously sucked-in paunch. Its tough in the beginning but soon becomes a habit.
  • Motherhood can be difficult, daunting and even defeating at times. You take the punches, suck it up, keep fighting. The fight is against vacillating and dwelling too much on the negatives.
  • Easiest way to up your daily motivation is to tell yourself that this cannot kill you. If you feel like it can...umm...maybe a therapist is in order.
  • What does not kill you makes you stronger.
  • You are a commando at home, never forget that. You maybe all pampered and dainty but you have survived childbirth and sleepless nights, fevers and chores.
  • So what if you have an apparently- pregnant belly. Flat stomachs are not a requirement for tough mommas.
  • Yet, but, even then, make space in your schedule for a five minute plank or 30 push ups or a 20 minute run or 10 burpees, whichever, whatever, however.
  • My favourite- "you may not be Cleopatra but your children think no end of your beauty and panache. Keep that going for you."

Why a motivated mom?

  • She appears and feels more beautiful to herself and others.
  • She motivates everyone.
  • She kills negativity in one swipe so everyone is in good hands.
  • Most importantly, if she's any of us, she can reach out to those of us in the momdom struggling to find a footing. 

If we are her we can take care of the young moms, the old moms, the grandmoms and all moms out there creating a universe of happy mommas that nurture and bring forth a responsible, humane and sorted-out generation. In one word, she's an inspiration!

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