In the name of God!
|   Nov 17, 2015
In the name of God!

On a weekend all set to celebrate Children's Day, we woke up to heart wrenching news from Paris. Everyone's first reaction was, " God its 26/11 again" With news trickling in, nobody could asses the exact extent of damage, but in our hearts all of us knew it was a black day. Another addition to the horrific statistics. That's what it becomes in the end, statistics. 

6th December 1992, 12th March 1993, 27th February 2002, 11th July 2006, 9/11, 26/11, 17th December 2014, and now 13th November 2015. Statistics. Who killed whom? Who died? Who survived? Who won? Who ruled? Who followed? Who retaliated? Who braved on? No answers. The only question to which we have an answer to is, who lost? Humanity lost. We call ourselves humans? They call themselves human? Who are " they" and who are " we"? Aren't we all the same race? Hundreds and hundreds of years of evolution and this is what we've become. 

There are just a zillion questions in the mind with no answers. If we are all humans, how are some so radically different from the others? What prompts a few to go ahead and mercilessly kill innocent fellow humans? How come some of us turn into regular living breathing but, complex human beings and some into these cold blooded murderers? Is it so easy to turn over from human to this, inhuman devilish pathetically disgusting heartless monster tribe? Who are these people? I'm not looking for their religions, all I'm trying to find out is how did they become like this? There is no justification for their behaviour, but yet they continue to behave like this. Killing someone's child, mother, father, friend, brother, sister, killing us all with their venom.

Can they not see that the blood that soaked the streets was as red as their own? Every time there is an act of violence anywhere in the world, the only question that comes to my mind is where are we safe? What is " safe". To live and be alive everyday is safe? To just exist is to live? What are we bringing our children into, and what kind of a world are we leaving behind for them. Maybe China was a little hasty in changing their one child policy. Is it even worth bringing a helpless new life in this world full of hatred. Why celebrate Children's Day, when we know that we are leaving nothing worth living for these Children. Little do they know that the world they're in is mired with blood thirsty demons pretending to be humans.

I pity our creator, in his name we fight, in his name we kill, in his name we hurt his own child. And he doesn't even know why is all this for him! Which God wants this, whose God wants this, and how is one God different from the other? The same almighty that made you made me, and yet if you choose to turn into a heartless terrorist whose fault is it? After looking at the state of our world today, all we can say is if this is what all the "Gods" created, The Gods must be crazy!!

#prayforpeace #oneworld

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