How would you explain Terrorism to a Toddler?
|   Mar 30, 2016
How would you explain Terrorism to a Toddler?

In one of my earlier blog posts- I had ranted about the prevailing negativity in the society and why any parent would be skeptical about letting their child grab a copy of the newspaper nowadays. The news items making headlines over the last one week have been shocking to say the least. The Bomb Blasts in Brussels, Pakistan and the mid-air hijack drama in Egypt- have grabbed many eyeballs. An Indian software engineer- out on an onsite assignment to Brussels- was a victim of the ghastly bomb blasts that rocked Brussels recently. It took many days for the shocked family to locate and confirm with the authorities that he was indeed dead. He has left behind his wonderful family and a one month old son. His wife has asked the media houses a haunting question. "Do I describe him as a victim or a hero (to our son)", she asks. As a society- what reply do we have?


On an unassuming Sunday afternoon- young moms took their little children to a nearby park. The kids were happily playing in the park- where members of a particular faith had gathered to offer their prayers for the festive season. This is something that is very common and paints a picture of calm and poise. But that was not to be in the recent bomb blast that happened at a park in Peshawar- last Sunday. Women and children became the main victims of the gory attack- that has again left the world speechless.

There is news of a middle-aged man, hijacking a plane in Egypt for personal reasons - that has sent shock waves all over the world. The exact intentions of his insane act are yet to be revealed- but that is not the point. The fear of people has been misused by a common man- and that is our biggest failure as a society.

As a citizen and now, as a mother- this cripples my mind and emotions. If dominating humanity was so easy and so frequent- we have only ourselves to blame. It just reiterates the fact that the message of Love and Peace is stagnated and not reached the corners of the world.

As a family- when I sit and watch television with my  daughter and niece- both 3 years old-when people raise their voices- or even grab each other by the collar- my two little girls come running and tell us "Fighting Bad- Change the channel".

How would I, then, watch the television news footage of bomb blasts ripping apart cities and people?

How will I explain to them- the concept of terrorism and that- none of the victims are really at fault?

How will I tell them that terrorists are just ordinary people like you and me- and not strange-looking as conveniently portrayed in their fairy tale stories?

How will I convince them that the world is still a safe place to live- and belief in peace and God will help us sail through tough times?

I don’t know. I am waiting for answers. Till then- let us just pray to God for sanity to prevail on such organizations and peace and cheer to spread through the world. 


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