Travelling with a Toddler? Here is Your Checklist
|   Apr 05, 2016
Travelling with a Toddler? Here is Your Checklist

Mention the word Travel to a new mom and chances are high that she ll be more skeptical than rejoicing. A thousand questions run through our mind. Is it worth all the trouble? Will my kid be happy or will he/she fall sick? The "What-Ifs" running through our minds never seem to end.

Agreed- it is not an easy task.Be it a road journey or an air/train travel- one needs to be well prepared to entertain/handle toddlers throughout the journey.Here are some handy tips to tackle your little toddler and have a memorable travel:-

  • Pack a little extra of toddler feed than what is necessary. Kids might not be able to explain clearly what troubles them during travel and might get unnecessarily cranky. Nothing soothes kids more than their regular feed- either milk/juice or even plain water. Don’t try new feeds during travel. At the same time- make sure not to over feed your children- they might tend to throw up during car journeys or during flight takeoff/landings.
  • Consult your paed before you plan a long travel with the kid. Keep a set of medicines- ready to use- both in your check-in and hand luggage.
  • Always make sure that your toddler is dressed comfortably. Flashy or grand dresses might not be the ideal choice for travel. Settle for soft, cotton wear and preferably a dress that your kid has already worn before. Have a spare dress with your hand luggage in case of any throwing up event!
  • Pack in some of your kids’ favourite toys (the small ones). Some kids like to hold their favourite dolls close to chest, as it gives them a sense of security while coping with the new place/surroundings. Also be prepared, in case the kid dislikes the travel and vents out the anger on the toy! They just tend to throw it. So reserve your costly, precious toys for when you are at home.
  • If your little one loves to listen to stories, nothing like it! Pack their favourite story books and probably one or two new books with animated pictures. Cuddle them and enjoy the reading sessions so that they will not feel bored.
  • For bigger toddlers, who like to colour- pack a colouring book and some crayons. They will have a nice time with them and you can breathe a sigh of relief!
  • Kids these days are glued to gadgets and have a knack for them from the time they are born. They see us using these flashy gadgets and immediately they know that something interesting is in store for them. Instead of allowing your kid to use your phone for making embarrassing wrong calls or erroneous messages, download some very useful apps and hand it to them and play along with them. They will enjoy it. For a list on the best apps for toddlers, check out this article of mine..
  • For car journey- carry a USB/CD of your kids’ favourite songs- be it rhymes or lullabies or even cinema songs that they are familiar with. By playing them, they feel secured and it soothes them. When they are enjoying- don’t be surprised if you hear them repeating a few words of the songs! 
  • Lastly- but most important- TALK to your kid. They might not necessarily understand everything that you say- but it will soothe and prepare them. Entice them about the travel and tell them nice things about where you are heading to. If you are off to meet family, get them to talk to the kid a few days before- so the kid understands and eagerly awaits seeing them. Little minds love it more when you talk to them. Go ahead- go Yippity Yap! 

Let me know if you have any other interesting pointers that came out successful when you traveled with your kid

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