What Dora & Boots taught me!
|   Feb 04, 2016
What Dora & Boots taught me!

Its that time of the day- and my kid tells me to turn the TV on so that she can spend the time with her friend- Dora and her lively companion- Boots! At first- just like all moms do- I raise a red flag and tell her NO to cartoons. But then- we have also learnt how to give in to smaller demands of our kids- as long as it stays within the reasonable limits. I switched on the TV and proceeded to the other room- to have some "Me" time. Check mails/pay bills/ Learn a new recipe, etc- I had so many things on my bucket- to tick off before my kid comes back demanding my physical presence next to her :) I was busy in my world- happy to know that my kid wasnt disturbing me. Within 4 minutes- I heard such a cute laughter from the hall and continuous giggling followed by eruptions of joy. I went and checked what amused my li'l one so much- and found that Dora and Boots- were taking along my daughter- into their mythical journey and she played along beautifully. 

I paused all my work and sat next to my daughter- pleading inside that I would be a part of their fantasy world ;) And that's when I realised I was enjoying "dora- the explorer"- more than my kid :) Her cute pronunciations and the lovely animations- fear, happiness, etc that is emoted so well- kept me and the baby hooked. And Boots- what a lovely friend! If only- we had one such companion in our lives :) I loved the way Dora and Boots taught so many things to my little one. To repeat whatever they said- was such a prime part of the show- that it ensured the kids were hooked on to it. I found my kid shouting out numbers and shapes loudly- just coz Dora had asked them to do! The colourful places that Dora visits along with Boots- and the fearful obstacles she encounters on the way- just made for some very creative and cute series :) And of course- The Swiper! What an innocent villain! One word from Dora and Boots and he flees away!

I am sure- in no time- my daughter is going to grow up and her TV interests will change and Dora and Boots will soon be a faded memory:) And as I write this- I realise-my daughter is off to her playschool- while I have the TV set on and am watching Dora!!!

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