What Makes This Bonding A Match Made In Heaven?
|   Apr 20, 2016
What Makes This Bonding A Match Made In Heaven?

There is this famous joke- What makes Grandparents and Grandchildren bond so well? Coz- they have the same enemies! Jokes apart- this is a match that is surely made in heaven. The Mom might me the Everything-in-the-World for a kid; she might be Daddy's little Princess- but the child can never say enough to the pampering of Grandparents. They are more special than parents- hence "Grand" Parents!

I have been very lucky in that aspect. My Grandma- whom we call Patti- in our language, means the world to me :) She lives with us- and I fondly refer to her as my second mom. I have learnt so much from her-how to remain bold, confident and courageous -How to be a cheerful person- how to remain the pillar of support in the family; she has taught and continues to teach me these things. My brother jokingly refers me as Junior Patti- saying I have imbibed most of her qualities; but the scale is very very high to reach. Involvement in a family is what we learnt from her. She has set examples of what good upbringing is and my father and his siblings are testimony to that. A NO is a strict NO- no matter how hard we plead. Discipline is her top most priority and she wouldn't let it go- even if it is for her grandchildren. And the affection she now showers on the next generation only goes to show- how blessed our kids are to spend time with her.

My Grandfather-Thatha- is another person who has played a pivotal role in my life. He is the one who introduced music to all of us- being the connoisseur that he is. He has taught us what selfless love is. My mom- says she loves seeing her Dad transform from the Strict Disciplinarian Father to the Loving and Cheerful Grandpa. Again, involvement and concern for all is what we learn form him. At this age- he never fails to wish the spouses of his grandchildren on their Birthdays! Talk about memory power :)

Both my Dadi and my Nana have led tough lives, in their own respect- but each of them have taught us so much in life- not by teachings but with themselves as stellar examples.

And now-when I see my little one bonding so magically with her Grandparents- it just brings back all the good memories and a smile to my face. Not only do the Grandparents cuddle and pamper the children- their little teachings and funny games have a great impact on the little ones. Kids learn with example, as I mentioned earlier. Till this day- if I love and respect (and in the future, too) my Grandparents the way I do- I owe it to my parents who paved the way for that and led by example.

My little one- hardly 3 years old- keeps her Grandparents on their toes! She has beautifully assigned and related tasks for each - Nana, Nani, Dada and Dadi. Dada has to teach her about animals- Dadi has to play and sing those songs and stories on YouTube- Nana has to talk to her about everything under the sun and Nani has to push her around in her cycle and pat her to sleep. With every little step of hers being appreciated and applauded- it just brings a magical smile on her face- and to mine as well.

No science can explain how a relationship other than parents can impact and impress upon a kid so much. But who wants reasons and logic! At the end of the day- Pure Love wins the Game :)

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