A Letter to the Father of My Daughter
|   May 08, 2016
A Letter to the Father of My Daughter

I wanted to share my feelings with you ever since our daughter was born. But each time I tried, I couldn’t find the right words which could capture my feelings. Words will always fall short for such overwhelming feelings. Finally I have undertaken this attempt to convey my feelings. I have known you for quite some time now, and I would be frank to admit that I had never imagined you like what you are today, after her birth. Sometimes I wonder whether birth of a child makes every man more sensitive, mature & responsible or it’s just the case with you.

My eyes well with tears even today whenever I see you holding her intently.  I have seen the love for her in your eyes, and have seen it only grow with each passing day. I remember vividly each and every moment when you have catered to her needs whenever she needed. Many a times, I was busy slogging it out on my professional duties or was irritated due to utter exhaustion. But the patience with which you have helped in raising her has been quite appreciable and I would say surprising as well. You have not shied away from any of her needs, even bathing and pooping. I can never forget my night shifts, when in the morning I would arrive to see you both, without a blink of tiredness in your eyes. Even though you never told me, I know managing a baby, in its first year of life, alone is very difficult.

We both missed you a lot, whenever you were not around because of your professional commitments. In spite of being amongst other family members, I could see the wait in her eyes for you, the longing only a daughter can have for a father like you. The spark and elation in her mood and energy whenever you are around is unmistakable. I would find her a lot more mature whenever you left after weekends. She would never cry for you, and would reassure herself that you have gone to fetch her gifts. The child in her, it seemed, only came to life with you around. The little things you did with her, gardening, paper arts, park trips, and her poem sessions have made you her hero and I am very proud of this.

A father has an important role in shaping the personality of a child. Mothers can cater to their material needs like food and all other routine requirements but a father imparts character to them. Somewhere along the journey of our busy lives, we forget these important responsibilities. We chase so called bigger pursuits and stop thinking about these little yet important issues which have a profound effect on the future of our children. It’s a classical case of missing the woods for the trees.  A father has a myriad of roles to play in the development of his child besides just paying for her material needs. These roles cannot be restrained with words or boundaries as a father-child relationship can have many beautiful yet significant shades. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the ‘father’ of my daughter.

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