An Inherent Trait- Sociability !
|   Apr 21, 2016
An Inherent Trait- Sociability !

My daughter-Shivani has been a social butterfly ever since she started speaking. She can talk with anyone and everyone; irrespective of whether that individual is 2 or 80 years old. She can easily find a topic to converse on. 

I take this as one of her biggest plus points and take pride in the fact that she may have inherited this trait from me. I too am very talkative. When she was only a toddler and I would take to the neighbourhood park; she would stand apart in her peer group of diaper wearing kids who could babble away to glory on inconsequential matters. 

Her audience comprised of fellow mothers who would lament that their kids were not so ‘well versed with their surroundings’. Those were days when my chest would swell up with pride thinking that I was someway responsible for her ‘awareness’. Those were days of the past, surely. 

Now when I hear her yapping; I immediately shut her up. One thing that I learnt was that apart from being talkative; she also knows how to boost people’s morale. Asya is her best friend at school. Asya’s mom had once worn a very pretty dress for their cultural evening. Shivani has always liked well dressed and well groomed women and to her despair her mother takes no interest in this department. Shivani felt that Asya’s mom was looking very nice and promptly went and complimented her saying: “Aunty, you are looking very pretty”.I got to know of this incident as Asya’s mom is also a dear friend of mine. She told me that she was on a wonderful high after receiving Shivani’s compliment.

In spite of being the chatterbox that she is; her sharp brain too is in control all the time. There is a South Indian departmental store that we constantly frequent. The manager of the store is very fond of Shivani and makes it a point to keep her entertained for the entire duration of our visit to the store.

Shivani has nice thick long hair which my mother braids into 2plaits. This gentleman held one of her plait and asked her if she would give him one plait. Without batting any eyelid; Shivani immediately responded saying: “Uncle you are a big man, what would you do with my hair?” All the people in the store were in splits after hearing this wise crack of hers.

From the beginning, she has been able to draw attention instantly towards herself with her talkativeness coupled with her boldness. Whether it is her teachers, classmates, mothers of other children, my friends or whosoever; everybody gets to notice her very fast. It is a different matter that over a period of time; they might get irritated with these same qualities; just like I do all the time, every day!!

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