Imposed resignation
|   Jul 21, 2016
Imposed resignation

The song –‘Aaj kal Pair Zameen Par Padhte’ very aptly described Sakshi’s mental state. She had recently got engaged to Aman and was on cloud nine. Aman was the perfect bridegroom material in every sense of the word. He was a well qualified architect and was doing exceptionally well professionally. He was well read and cultured. With his looks; he turned heads where ever he went. It was their initial courtship phase and both of them were getting to know each other. Everything was going on perfectly and they were both counting down days to their wedding in April; one month from now.

Upon her would be mother-in-law’s instructions; Sakshi had put in her papers. Sakshi was a CA by profession and was working in leading CA firm. After the match got fixed; she told her prospective daughter-in-law to resign and take care of the household. Sakshi who was badly smitten by Aman and the whole prospect of getting married; very promptly complied to what she was told. Aman’s mother was a government servant and was widowed at a very young age. She had taken up a job to take care of Aman and her parents-in-law. She had toiled all her life to discharge all the responsibilities she was carrying on her frail shoulders. When Aman was getting married; his mother wanted her daughter-in-law to now take on some of her chores. This lady who was in government service wanted to continue with her job till she retired. She wanted Sakshi to take on all the household duties and give her respite from these. For Sakshi, a young girl who did not have too much worldly wisdom; this was request was no big deal and she immediately resigned. She was currently servicing the requisite notice period in her office.

Today was Holi and Aman and his mother had just left after lunch at Sakshi’s place. This was the first major festival that came every since the match was fixed and Sakshi’s parents wanted to impress Aman and his mother thoroughly. Sakshi’s maternal aunt was called to their place to assist her mother with cooking all the savories.

Lunch was done and the family was relaxing after the guests left. Sakshi was very close to her aunt and both of them got chit chatting. Sakshi was very excitedly telling her of all the conversations that Aman and she had. Also, she told her office colleagues were planning a grand farewell for her. Sakshi’s aunt, Megha was aghast when she heard that she had resigned. Sakshi was a very intelligent and hardworking girl and had got the employee of the year award last year. Megha was very disheartened to know that she was quitting work despite doing so well. Megha told her to rethink what she had decided.

Megha told Sakshi that initially all will be hunky dory. Sakshi will enjoy sitting at home and cooking for her family members but after a period of time; despondency will set in. Sakshi who had been working for more than 3 years now would not like be financially dependent for each rupee now; Megha reasoned.

Sakshi would all have the old grandparents for company the whole day and would have nothing in common to converse on. The grandparents though they were old; were both hale and hearty and needed no assistance in carrying out their daily activities. Also, their daily regime only consisted of waking up, bathing, Puja and napping is what Sakshi told Megha. Megha’s question was that what would Sakshi do with all the free time. Especially so, as she was used to hectic and frenzied schedules? Would all her working friends be able to maintain relations with her during their working hours?

Apart from all this, Megha told her that her sitting idle at home would be detrimental to the marriage itself. She would be frustrated from doing nothing the whole day long , not learning anything, having no social circle, not earning for her needs, etc, etc. Day by day the exasperation levels would only keep mounting and she was likely to take it out on her family members. Tomorrow when children came into the picture, they too would become victims of her helplessness.

This conversation that Sakshi and Megha had was an eye opener for Sakshi and she decided to speak to her mother-in-law on this in the evening itself and withdraw her resignation tomorrow.

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