Schools Reopening - a big sigh of relief?
|   Jul 15, 2017
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Schools Reopening - a big sigh of relief?

The summer vacations are ending fast and there is a general atmosphere of glee and merriment in our household. Shivani, my daughter, is happy that she would once again get back to school and be with her favorite teachers and friends. As I have said before, since the time she started her school education; she has always been on her the preferred students’ list for all her teachers. I attribute this to two factors. The first one is that is that she is highly attentive and inquisitive while her lessons are going on and as she is always the one to ask both needed and unnecessary questions; her teachers know that she has been listening to them. The second reason for being the teachers’ pet is because she volunteers to run errands for them and also help them with their chores. This is the main motivator for her to want to get back to school ASAP.

My mother is happy that the vacations are ending because she wants Shivani to fall back into a routine and also because she will then get her ‘ME’ time. There will no longer be anyone placing demands on her to listen to what happened in school three years back or anyone telling her what her BFF wore to another friend’s party. My mother though says that she is longing for some alone time; I am sure is going to miss Shivani a lot. This I am saying because I have seen her making this statement over a multiple times. While Shivani is out; my mother is always racking her brains over what to cook so that Shivani eats without fuss. She frets each time Shivani goes to school without finishing her milk or fruit.

I, for one, am happy that the vacations are ending and that there would be an end to the dog mayhem and chaos at home. I know that my task of protecting her from germs is still going to be on. The street dogs and puppies would now be replaced by the rainy season. The rainy season would mean that more and more kids would face the risks of cold, cough and flu. As they would be in close contact with other children; Shivani could get these from any of her unwell friends and vice versa. A sanitizer as usual would be placed in her bag with the warning to not take it out except during lunch time. This is something that I have been trying to engrain in her psyche for as long as I can remember. Though, I am not sure on how successful I have been in my endeavour.

Another major peril that I foresee at the present moment is the Nimbu Pani that my daughter and her friends drink every afternoon. There are a number of vendors who sell their wares outside their school gate. They are stationed outside the school gate; on the way to the place where the van drivers park their vehicles. For Shivani and her friends, I think it is more of a status symbol to be buying this lemonade glass rather than the actual need for it. It gives them immense pleasure and gratification to know that they are now capable of fulfilling their needs themselves. Buying a glass of Nimbu Pani is one of them. I am scared on this count as I am really unsure of the quality of the water being used. As my attempts to dissuade her have failed in the past; I propose to get this task done by her class teacher. I plan to get her favourite teacher give her a strong dose on how it is unhygienic it is.

The same routine as in the past will be followed with respect to washing her clothes, school bag, pouches, shoes and basket ball kit. The clothes will then be doused in our trusted antiseptic liquid to ward off germ and protect against infections. Well, the schools reopening might be a big sigh of relief that she is going to be positively engaged in something, but at the same time I need to keep my alert mode on to protect her from any seasonal infections.

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