Simplified Diwali Gifting 2015- Thanks to Amazon!!
|   Nov 06, 2015
Simplified Diwali Gifting 2015- Thanks to Amazon!!

Soma and Neeraj were a typical urban couple with a year old tot, Reuben. Life was always a roller coaster ride for them ever since their bundle of joy arrived. Both of them had high rise careers and equally higher EMIs to pay and this made it imperative for Soma to resume work within 5 months of delivering Reuben. Weekdays were all jam-packed and for weekends there were always grocery shopping, doctor visits and meetings with old friends lined up. Diwali was fast approaching and Soma had been lamenting that she had not bought anything for friends, family and also her home. Time was running short and it was impossible to shop on a weekday as she usually returned home only past 9 PM and majority markets were closed by then.

Just then, Neeraj her ever resourceful husband came up with an idea. He suggested that they both sit up late tonight and order all Diwali gifts and other sundry stuff online. This way, they would be able to buy customised items for everyone as per their tastes and requirements and a lot of time would be saved. Soma’s question was that where would they buy the stuff from. Neeraj took out this I-Phone and googled. There were 4-5 minutes of absolute silence and then both of them finally made a choice of

The reason for the choice was that on this one website they felt that all their gifting needs would be taken care of. For the children they decided to go with wrist watches. On Amazon website; there were 792 watches from which they could choose from. Their trendy women friends would receive classier handbags. The tech savvy men folk would be gifted Kindle E-books.  For the not so tech savvy men and well read women; they decided to go with paperback books.  For friends and family with babies; there would be an additional soft toy included in their packets. The gifts would all be accompanied by sweets or dry fruits bought from the website again. With this, Soma let out a huge sigh of relief. Neeraj reminded her that they were yet to buy Diwali decorations. They quickly, checked that section too and quickly picked up ten odd items from the list of 9000+ articles. Soma and Rakesh quickly checked out all their merchandise and made the payment using a debit card.

It was past 3 AM and they decided to go to bed. Neeraj asked Soma to thank him for having bailed her out of this tough situation. She said retorted saying that that was the prime reason she married him as she had confidence that he would take care of all her difficulties!!

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