WonderBoxx Comes Home
|   Jul 20, 2015
WonderBoxx Comes Home

WonderBoxx with it's July theme "Incredible Art Adventure" reached us one boring Saturday evening when it was raining too heavily to go out and our entire stock of board games was just about exhausted. One more round of Snake & Ladder or Monopoly would have had me run for the hills – rain or no rain. Arnav was also getting irritable as his playground time  was getting washed away in the rain. It was just then that destiny decided to smile on us in the form of the delivery guy who brought us our WonderBoxx.


Christmas had come early to the Tandon household. Arnav could barely control his excitement as we opened the box and pulled out activity after activity. For just about fifteen hundred bucks, this was great value for money and promised several hours of hands-on learning and fun…..both Mom and kiddo were happy!

Of course, we had to start immediately - Arnav would have it no other way. So out came the giant mural sheets and the wax crayons and I showed him how the different pictures, when arranged in sequence, would form a huge mural, which we could later put up on the wall – he was impressed to say the least! Colouring sheets are a dime a dozen, but this activity was different because it not only engaged my son’s imagination and creativity, but also helped him learn how to work as a team (Yes, I could not resist joining in the colouring fun!).

Sunday morning came and my son, who never woke up before 9am on a holiday, was up at 7 sharp, asking me whether we could start doing the next activity from Wonderboxx. I had my eye on the blow paint art activity right from the start and could not wait to try it out. So that’s what we did and the results were nothing short of amazing. 

Pssst......Please excuse the poor photography....Arnav hates to pose for a photograph and so chose to hid behind our blow paint picture. Err....I should also add here that the images at the top left corner and the bottom right corner were created using two blow pens (red & blue) and the stencils that came along with the kit. The rest of the crazy patterns emerged after we both tried to outdo each other in making funny patterns with our pens.

And so buoyed by the results, we went on to try marble painting, brayer painting, dropper art, sticker making and wax colour painting using the materials given with the kit. I must say, hats-off to the experts at Wonderboxx who have put in a whole lot of thought and effort into designing this unique kit, which not only introduced a child to different art techniques in a fun and interesting way, but also did it in a manner that captured his attention and encouraged him to use his imagination. 

We finished off the evening with a round of card games, courtesy the 30 Wonderboxx art cards with pictures of great masterpieces. We played two rounds of Snap and two rounds of Memory game with the cards, with Arnav agreeing to put them away only after I promised to play with him again the next day after he came home from school.

All in all, I had the satisfaction of a weekend well spent when I put Arnav to bed on Sunday night. Instead of spending our weekend evenings at the gaming zones at the mall or busy in our separate little worlds, we had spent some priceless time together, learning and practicing new art techniques, playing games, and bonding with each other. 

Before I turned in for the night, I picked up the Parent Feed newsletter, which had three great kid-friendly recipes (I plan to try them out before the mango season ends) and some useful tips on starting a book club for kids – something I’ve been planning to do for a long time. Hopefully, this will give me the push I’ve been waiting for!


And that’s not all – we still have a lot of Wonderboxx activities to do and so much more to learn. The origami sheets and instructions are still waiting. Arnav is already excited about making his own fridge magnets using the moulds and materials that came along with the kit. The Art Inspiration and History book has many exercises and activities based on the painting styles adopted by some of the greatest painters the world has ever seen. We are also yet to go through the Visual Encyclopaedia on Art and Art History, which introduces a child to traditional Indian painting styles, and other types of art, including print making, pottery, sketching, sculptures, origami and paper cutting – in simple terms that a preschooler can easily understand.


All things considered, Wonderboxx is a great investment for any parent who wants his or her child to have a fun, hands-on learning experience. What’s more, they’ve got separate activities for children from different age groups – from toddlers to school-age children. I have already decided to buy the Wonders of the World box for my son for his next birthday. A big thumbs-up to the entire team at Wonderboxx from a very happy and satisfied customer! 

Click here to learn more about the “Incredible Art Adventure” themed Wonderboxx.

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