Family Wedding. Fun. Summer. Travel. 
|   May 14, 2017
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Family Wedding. Fun. Summer. Travel. 

Okies, so here comes the first family wedding after my kid is born. Extended family super excited to meet this chap after two and half years. Most would have last seen him when he was just born and less than 40 days in age. Side effects of not staying in home town!

Needless to say, I was super-duper excited too. After all, I would just love when people take notice of this new kid on the block. I did almost a week long preparation for the same. Not so much for me, but more for my little one who was to meet so many new faces together for the first time. I kept dropping in names of few of my cousins starting as early as a couple of weeks before the wedding. I started preparing him with small quizzes like “Where are we going baby” and he’ll answer “Mama ki shadi”. It would really be sweet when he would utter these cute words amongst my relatives.

The actual event started with a short train journey from hometown to the wedding destination. Purposefully planned these 2 hours in train so that everyone can enjoy those two days together and hit the wedding destination together.

This was by far one of the most memorable train journeys for us. For full two hours, our mouths didn't stop for a single minute, with so much to eat and even more to catch up with cousins and relatives who we met after so long.

The kid jumping from seat to seat, one new face to another, one cousin to another, jabbering with other kids. It was really fun to watch his interactions with the extended family. He developed quick associations with few of the relatives, as if he knows them forever. Every now and then he was offered something or the other to eat and as per his habit, he’ll walk up to me to ask for sanitizer before taking any eatable in his hand. Needless to say people were impressed by this habit of his.

Suddenly I got lost in my thoughts. I realized I was missing this kind of interaction & socializing with all my cousins for long. Being the eldest of siblings I knew almost everyone on the trip, but my kid will hardly know them or even remember them once he grows up. With meetings so infrequent and generations changing, phone calls on birthdays and anniversaries converting to Facebook and what's app messages, its going be all the more tough for my kid to know my relatives. In fact, there are my cousins who have made their names in various fields like medicine, engineering etc. One of my cousins is acting in movies and another is a choreographer. Who knows, one day all my kid will hear from me, is that, this superstar is your 3rd cousin.

"Mamma, Chanitize" and the chain of thoughts broke with the sweet voice of my kiddo. I gave him the Dettol sanitizer, which I always carry with me and got back to my chit chatting keeping my emotional self aside for the time being.

We had immense fun at the wedding. Full on dance, masti and gossips! Kid enjoyed a lot too as he still keeps asking me “Mamma, when will we go to shadi again...!”.

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