Children of corridors- by charu
|   Jun 11, 2016
Children of corridors- by charu

Connaught place is the most happening place for delhites. It's humming with all kinds of sounds, places to eat, variety of people from all nooks and corners of the country, with their eyes glaring at the the shops and stalls in the circles, people of all ages, all professions coming together to make the heart of the city most vibrant of all places. 

This place gives meaning to the fundamental rights of the peninsula. From high profile people moving in and out of the expensive showrooms and pubs to an ice cream hawker, cp, as it is now known to the nano definition world, offers something or the other to all. This place never dies. As the shops close in the night, you could find people opening their sleeping bags, which usually consist of newspapers or rags to overcome fatigue due to day long work. The central park serves as the picnic spot for many couples and families. Lately, it has swarmed people's chest with pride with the national flag hoisting. Posting selfies on social media with caption "feeling patriotic". Everyone gets wings in this wonderland. Girls negotiating at the roadside junk jewellers and their better halves patiently waiting while they oogle at the passing hot babe in shorts n top. A college gang buying a selfie stick and all of them struggle to fit in the frame with pouts and spikes. The most famous janpath giving competition to any gucci, armani allows everyone to chase their wishes. The microcosm can be a place of interest to anyone living being.

The radials also has a curious side to it. Harmless drug addicts play an important role in keeping barter system alive to preserve the harappan and mohanjodaro cultures. These unkepmt caricatures contribute a lot to the archeological society of the country. The auto rickshaw walas quarrels turning into use of punches and kicks. Who knows if someone starts betting on who will win out of the poor chaps. You will find a younger lot either accompanied by an elder for ojt (on the job training) or all by themselves trying hard to convince you for buying their stuff which is usually useless to you or buy them a burger or patty. These professionals in disguise are quite smart in achieving their daily targets. Unscared, confident and deep eyes are enough to woo you. They could be seen selling the trendy polka dot balloons or 10 k 4 pens or fragile toys with funny sounds. They would know the alleys of cp like a map. They know where they would find best buyers. A lot of them are seen in circle A with a wengers box and a keventors milk shake glass in hand to fulful the the nutrition intake of the day. Interestingly, their fashion sense is high with colored streaks and accessories in hands and feet. Every day is a new day of them. Self motivated, keeping their self esteem in most high regards, these children of God have made their abode comfortably under the night sky on perforated cartons in the corridors of cp.

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