Walk to the ice cream cart
|   Jul 27, 2016
Walk to the ice cream cart

 When I was in class 3, father got me a deniss the menace double decker pencil box on which it was written -"The three best things about school - May, June and July". I happened to use that pencil box for many years until the paint was out. I had made a drawing of that too as a remembrance.

 Summer vacations were always welcomed with glass fulls of aamras, aam panna and roohafza. All these delicacies were eaten in more than one forms. Aamras would be first consumed as shake and all of us would save half a glass to be kept in the freezer to be savoured upon as mango ice cream the next day. Some portion of Aam panna turned into lick lolly without a stick and roohafza found its fate as drink or in milk before sleep in the night. 

We used to often accompany Mom and dad to the walks after dinner on the labyrinths nearby with an anticipation of going to the 100% ice cream cart. Yes, that was a brand. There used to be two brands that time and they would stand with their carts on either side of the road. That is when I understood duopoly. We used to engage with parents in discussions entailing the psychology of those ice cream walas. The guy with 100% ice cream was a humble one and my favorite too. Why... I concluded that as he had a small cart as against the Kwality who owned a motor enabled three wheeler cart. Also, he would not find any harm when two, three feet heighted kids would stand on a platform made on the tyre to peep inside the trunk for their favourite ice creams. Mom would always have mango dolly and dad choc bar. We kids would keep changing our loyalty from vanilla cone to cassatta to orange bar. My younger brother was ( and still is) fond of trying anything new he could see on the advertisement chart. I remember he tried a ball shaped one with choc cream, one other time he tried biscuit one ( only the biscuit had turned soggy) and other with dual colors. He now works for a company which is into ice cream manufacturing. I can only wonder how his imagination would put the people there into troublesome times.

The other day I saw a little girl with her mother and father at the corner of the road deciding which cart to go for ice cream as she had four options. I went back to the time how we used to decide our option. She tried climbing up the cart to have a better look at the chart. Another second she was picked by her father in his arms so that she doesn't hurt herself by the edges of the platform or corners of the cart. Perhaps father was wary the girl might hurt herself by the edges or corners of the cart. But then that was it. Now we don't see the same enthusiasm of going to the corner of the roads to have ice cream or we do not run to the ringing bells of the kulfi man who would come with his red color cart with a rotating game on it. This fun is replaced by the ice cream parlors with options of customised ice creams. New flavors which we had never thought of during our childhood. Now I don't try to understand how the person behind the desk is, guess I have also made my mind pre- occupied with other more important activities and there's little space for my childhood times.

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