That Awkward Moment When Our Son Caught Us In The Act
|   Feb 04, 2017
That Awkward Moment When Our Son Caught Us In The Act

We had planned for this night since days now.

Since the kids had begun to gather sense of what was happening and the awkward questions had started, we moved slow. Cautiously. We didn’t want to do things that would trigger questions or get caught in a situation that was embarrassing. But there were of course, things that adults needed too. There is life after the kids go to sleep isn’t there?

So we planned if for the night in mention. We were very excited. It had been a while. Actually a long time. With the kids hovering like little drones, we hadn’t been able to have enough of it. The craving was gradually building up. First it kindled. Then it burnt. It had now turned into a rage.  A desire that burnt us from inside. I remembered a friend of mine telling me that when we have kids, our pleasures, our needs and our desires become anything put a priority.

Of course I understood this. And that is why we had to plan it. To make sure it didn’t meddle with the kids’ ways So we had this entire night planned out. And come hail or storm, it was going to happen. Sometimes we just have to schedule things to make them happen don’t we.

I hustled the kids through the evening because I was excited. I was like a little girl. When my phone rang, I whispered in fear of one of the Minions eavesdropping. The planning, the secrecy, the snooping around reminded me of my college days. As I spoke to my husband,  I confirmed that we were on for the night.  I sensed a tingle in his voice. He was excited too. I could hear it. He told me he would be home soon. He just needed to make a stop to buy the supplies.

With bated breath I looked at the clock. The kids were in bed. Everything was ready. I had dimmed the lights. It was almost time. The doorbell rang. My heart leapt a beat. He didn’t give me any time. He just took charge.  I couldn’t control anything. Before I knew what was happening I could hear the packet open. ‘WOW!’ I thought to myself. Someone was in the mood cook up a party. I was in for a treat! He loves experimenting with those flavourful liquids that come out of bottles. I have always liked it the conventional style. But he said ‘Just to spice things up.’ So I went along.  I mean, this is what I wanted. A fun night doing something that was just for the two of us.

The steam started rising. Our movements were rushed. We had built up an appetite. It had been a long, long time. Just when we reached the moment of ‘AHAAAA’ my 6 year old walked in rubbing his eyes sleepily.

HE CAUGHT US DOING IT! His eyeballs fell out of his eyes and his tongue out of his mouth.

‘Mom? Dad?’ he said in a high pitched voice ‘Can I share the Maggie with you?!’


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