Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chodenge......
|   Dec 21, 2016
Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chodenge......

A relationship I wish to never end...

Prithvi and me .. friends for more than 10 years..

We have a bond with more attachment than any blood relation..  We met in college during our bachelors degree. She has a thin figure with a typical boy style haircut. A haircut which made her noticeable in total college 😊.

I met her first in hostel to ask for a notes since i was a late joinee. Since that day our relationship changed from just classmates to being best friends by the end of graduation..

We share any and every sense or nonsensical discussions.. To be frank I have this kind of freedom only with her.. and not even with my husband. Since i didn't have sisters..i used to feel great when she calls me AKKA (sister)...

We had to move apart for our post graduation.. but distance could never separate us. . Thanks to the BSNL Nestham Plans available from 2010..which made us have endless talks over phone. Hours would fly like minutes when we start conversing.  Most of our friends doubted us for having boyfriends .. but the truth is having a good friend is far more better than having a BF/GF.. 

We are lucky enough to get posted in  same organization and same district after our post graduation.. we could handle any work in office with high coordination but the endless talks never really ended  :-P  We became more famous as a pair in our office and our little town.. as we always go together for any shopping or to eat anything.. so much famous that if any of us goes alone..the first question we face is about the missing one. We became each other's IDENTITY  😊

Even after getting married our friendship faced no difficulty because we both were married to our classmates (love marriage 😍). We have a lot of fun filled moments when we Four gather since each of us is more close to our friend's partner. . 

We are Enjoying 4 years of togetherness in our job.. fate decides if we get transferred and posted somewhere in future.. but i wish our friendship will never change.. and wish to cherish more beautiful moments together in our lives..

When I have kids I want to let them know about Her as an important part & person in my life.... 

Love You Dear...

E Dosthi Hum Nahi Chodenge.. 😍 

Kudos to all such friends...... :-) 

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