My daughters virtual world
|   Jan 28, 2017
My daughters virtual world

Just came back from Schools's Parent Teacher Meetings-the same topics discussed -she is not speaking out to teachers and classmates ,not making friends,not asking question,not submitting the copy on time.....oh..enough...a lot of complains..on other hand praising part ...good ..she is reading books ,very calm and composed  ,very sweet , etc .....Even same thing I am trying my best as a parent to sort out but no success till now.Come on guys, she is die heart introvert.

Wondering ...Talking about my only daughter D.

Problem started itself when we returned to India after 7 years of living abroad.Initial years, we though that after few month everything would be fine.But the problem of confining herself  into the books and online cartoon series still there after more than 4 years.I tried everything possible like disciplined her, arranged play date with other kids ,asking her to go outside and play and even asked her friends to call her,bribed her,brought lots of books also,enrolled into extra curricular classes ,even emotional blackmailed her,tried yelling like all Indian parent......looks like too much na.

Now,D is teenager so now another things cropped up ...No peer pressure ,no teacher pressure at all,group assignment given by teacher not finished and on top of it, no groups at all and first she did not know what was assignment then not included by classmates...oh god! after so many reminder by teachers and by me - all ignored by her.

Now , class teacher also gave up  after  counseled her so many times (  she talks and no response from D,very calm and composed,blank face, even not winked her eyes).Now she recommended to school counselor.

At this time hoping that all thing sort out and she will open her heart out ,share feelings,responsible and make lots friends and explore the beautiful world out there and come out from virtual world.

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