My daughters virtual world-2
|   Apr 16, 2017
My daughters virtual world-2

Now new session started, everyone hoping for best,lots of expectations from kids,teachers and school off course. Every kid is very much curious about new teachers and new classmates and dearly wanted to know about what happening around.  So my daughter D is also in new class as well like all kids.

When, she came from first day of school and announced that this class is more friendly than previous class and she was so excited ,ranting non stoppable about the new class,new teachers, seems like found last long friends again :).Now she has been in this class temporarily  until we get the results from entrance exams for special classes( Olympiad  and NSTSE )  in school and she got selected again for this class, which was the same class as the previous year so obviously same group of unfriendly kids mostly. (or She didn't  connected with kids there last year)

Now, again we were in dilemma which class to choose between academically  enhancement oriented class (olympiad/NSTSE) or  more friendlier and comfortable class for my daughter D.

So, the answer was so obvious to us this time that she choose to be remain in same class . After all,School is for over all development of kids like social, emotional, physical and academically as well. Academics is only part of educational system that's what  my belief system tells me.  At this moment and time, seem like all the previous problem gone like nothing happen before as new class has more friendly kids and helping her a lot and she met lot of previous classmates.Now she is more happy and cheerful after coming form school and also very much excited to finish her classwork and homework.She is mingling around with kids and looking forward to year ahead.

On this positive note,looking forward to more challenges and their solutions this year.All the best for all the parents out there also!

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