Are we really equipping our kids to look for the brighter side in darker circumstances?
|   Apr 21, 2016
Are we really equipping our kids to look for the brighter side in darker circumstances?

All of us know that each and everything with which we live carries a marvelous message "Changes is the law of nature”. My mind immediately raises a question "Are we really equipping our kids to look for the brighter side in darker circumstances?"

     Those days where only few kids could be called as "Born with silver spoon”. But today we can tag Most of the children as "Born with Golden Spoon"
J.Being employee of MNC's we can full fill all of their wishes and provide all facilities to lead a sophisticated life.

    I remember a good friend of mine told me that her kid will stay only in AC rooms irrespective of weather. So she has not only opted for centralized AC at home ,she also made sure the play school where he gets enrolled, school buses, class rooms was  air conditioned so that he can feel comfortable. Being a middle class children myself and my spouse love to lead a simple way of life so even our kid is quite accustom to it she can live in Air-conditioned bedroom to normal veranda with a simple mat which has a ventilation!


             During my school days I had lower quotient of Atychiphobia(fear of failure).Till my middle grade I have tasted the sweetness of success in all of my attempts so I never knew how would failure tastes. All of a sudden during my higher grades of schooling in an inter house competition our GREEN house lost to the other house group in a meager difference of points .I reached home and started weeping despite celebrating  my sisters betrothal which was going to happen on the following day. My mom understood that if I am going to take failure in this way then I will miss my destiny. To cure it she sought help of Mythological stories where GOD himself faced many hurdles to complete his Karma of that birth. She made to watch mythological stories Ramayana and Mahabharata in television and she collected many articles regarding the hurdles which famous personalities whom I really love has faced in their life .All of her attempts made an impact,which led to change my attitude towards failure. I wish I will be really happy if my daughter understands that failure tastes as good as success. Definitely I will help her to know it.


            Handling people is the third one I really wish all of us should concentrate. In our day to day life we happen to meet many people and they help us in various ways let it be a milk vendor, maid, newspaper vendor, security or auto man. Being kids’ first inspirations we can try to show some respect, greet them every day with a wonderful smile sows a seed of neutrality in your little one which will shape them in a right way.


Hey Wait!!! I can hear your mind voice .How to handle the people with grey shade.


            Alarm them that this society has both good and bad people. If someone does bad repel to it and forget it on the same day. And if you happen to meet the same person in future never show off your face. Inculcating the habit of telling SORRY and THANKS is a vital too.


Kids love being praised in front of everyone and they rejoice it forever. But kids of today are bit sensitive to insults or bad comments and they react in the other way. During those phase we should make them understand that their success is not in developing enmity with the one who have insulted them rather proving them that they were wrong and passing enormous love to would really make them feel embarrassed.


Lets try to sow all form of positive seeds in kids which helps this society to yield a good Human!! 

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