Shades of Fatherhood
|   Jun 19, 2016
Shades of Fatherhood

This article is a tribute to three men around me who are Perfect Fathers!!!

Mr. Abhadra( Mr. Rude ,KRPAB effect) to the people around him. Many walked to me and ask how do i cope up with his anger and he is too sensitive with the result of any activity that i have attempted(test results or any extracurricular activities). My reaction would be just a smile and move on with my next step. Sometimes it would have hurted me badly and I would have even cried for hours, but I never felt like being humiliated because I know him very well. The whole world doesn’t know that,

• He strived hard in his non-white collared job in order to give me a quality education and fulfilled other requirements to nurture me as an independent woman who can handle all the obstacles.

• He is the man who silently admires my success and never shows it off to convey the message "This is not THE END".

• He walked into my room before my wedding, cried  and confessed that His love towards me is unconditional and he is proud of my accomplishments.

• He selflessly helps anyone without expecting any favor in return.

Though he is a strict DAD to me he is reliving his other shade of fatherhood with her granddaughter. Appa (Mr.S.Chandrasekaran) you are such an amazing individual and I am happy that I have spent the first quarter of my life with you!


Introvert is his name by default. During our courtship we usually chat almost covering all topics of course romance too. Two days after nuptial knot I was wondering that he was quite contradictory to the person with whom I usually chit chat for hours. Though he knows well about his responsibilities he wouldn’t react for any happenings. As the years passed the moment he was into fatherhood everything got toppled in a second. To my dismay he started sharing all the household chores so that I can feel at ease to take care of our baby, baby sits during my absence, cleans potty, feed her, sings lullaby to put her sleep, give bath.

My Spouse (Srivatsan R.) might not be a good social butterfly but He is a perfect Dad to his daughter.


The third person is 72 years old young man. Chemistry Professor by profession I was imagining him to be a strict father who follows principles but he was quite opposite to the way I dreamt. I know he is not as same as my Dad so gelling with him was little tough during initial days at my Sasural’s house. My spouse and his sibling are far away from him but he never thinks of retiring from his commitments. I remember the moment he  kissed me on my forehead and said “You just gave my Mother back” after my delivery. I never know how the FIL-DIL rapport in rest of the world is but I love the way he shares his emotion.Be it love or anger he explicitly shows it off rather than back biting. Whatever he reads in internet he just shares it with me I silently listen to it and say yes even though I knew it before. Once my spouse noticed me listening to his talk on “How Chennai Corporation website works and a .pdf file gets generated?” he interrupted and conveyed his DAD that Being a Software Engineer I know how all these things happen. My FIL felt embarrassed and walked out with a fake smile. All these brought our bonding stronger,now we team up together to make fun out of my spouse.

Dr.Ravi Appa I wish I should be as energetic as you when I reach 70’s and I really admire you in every aspect.


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