My early experiences with right brain education kit
|   Jul 24, 2014
My early experiences with right brain education kit
Thanks to my friend vani who introduced me to this new phrase. When we heard about it we thought it is something to do with 
education. My kids are now 1+yr old.Did a market research through the google window and  through friends we
shortlisted two right brain education kits. In that i chosen the one which my friend vani has brought.
The concept was simple and easy. This activity will engage kids and channelize their energy in good way. 
It is for developing their picture memory.Heard that 85%+ of brain development happens before 5yrs. And other countries 
concentrate of teaching various things to children during this phase.In india i guess it is getting popular off late.
I placed an online order in jan and i got the kit after a month. Courier deliverred me a big box. I was thrilled. 
It had lot of flash cards. post that i had a session with the mentor to start on it. 
She said that mom's understand their baby well so they will take the responsiblity teaching these flash cards in early days and a
 curriculum schedule was given along with it. Initially my kids didnt like it. So i used to park it for two to three days and resume the
 session again. Like wise days passed and now my kids love it. They gained for sure some knowledge from it. One day  i was walking 
in road  and suddely my son was super excited. He pointed Dr APJ abdul kalam's poster and said something. Then i realized he 
remembered kalam picture which i showed him in a flash card. I felt so happy.Also  Side effect of this learning  is mom and
child bond increased. I want share this info all new parents. You can start interacting with you baby when he/she is in womb
 using this kit.

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