Slow down mummy Slow down mummy :-)
|   Aug 05, 2015
Slow down mummy Slow down mummy :-)

Hello Young moms,

Slow down and pat your back and say your doing a going a great job. Your are awesome. 

The moment you have got your little one in your arms the roller coaster journey has started and mom's your are stretched/stressed.

Running and Running to complete daily chores. Running and running to make your little one healthy, happy. Running and running behind all development milestones.

In this running you have lost time for yourself. Also few mom's have stopped cherishing their present.

Though the heart and brain can take this stress, your body cant take it in long run.

No one can replace you. It is a Hurry syndrome.This is totally my personal experience and experience of close friends.

Below is the TODO's i have added to my daily schedule to overcome this.  

*) Monthly: 2 hrs for self grooming.

*) Monthly: Lunch and movie with a friend.

*) Daily: 15 mins for reading news paper.

*) Daily: 15 mins for Pooja and weekly once temple visit.

*) Daily: 30 mins walking in near by park.

*) Prepare a practical schedule and stick to the schedule. (Wish list is differrent from practical list).

All i want to tell you all is take your myself time and all will be fine

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