Be ready to give back double of what you receive.....
|   Jul 23, 2016
Be ready to give back double of what you receive.....

"Girl commits suicide as her nude photos are circulating on social media"; or"Girl ends her life after getting raped" ; these lines are enough to ignite our synapses and compel us to ponder for a moment,  " are we really entitled to even think about all those heavyweight words like women empowerment, equality etc etc etc?"

As the newspaper accompanies our everyday morning tea ,it has become our ritualistic compulsion to encounter atleast a couple of similar, abovementioned headlines. We browse through such news, condemn the criminals involved and eventually gear up for our daily chores. Amidst everything, a thought sometimes crosses my mind. In our existing social structure, we, the so called weaker sex, should primarily train ourselves to mentally stick on one simple belief : Never look down upon yourself. We, the feminine gender in bulk, should start regarding all these external attacks on feminine dignity(be it physical , mental or social) as mere accidents. We are neither born wearing an iron armour to protect the vulnerabilities of our bodies nor we are born with user manuals in our hands. We also learn from our mistakes, like to have our own share of fun and independence. Along with this , we should teach ourselves not to bow down against any adversities, whatsoever it might be. If our hands or legs get fractured, do we first think of plastering it or do we directly think of amputation? Does a really , nasty verbal argument  pours a bottle of ink on our self confidence or we stand up for our cause? If anybody calls us by names or morph our images , should we erase our existence or stand up and fight against the crime? 

Nobody will serve dignity and respect like a platter to us. We can't expect everybody to like us or love us. But atleast we can make an effort to respect ourselves first. All of us either live in rural jungles or in urban jungles with hyenas, jackals and bulls as our co inhabitants. We can't expect the 'live and let live' policy to be prevalent here. 

So , girls and ladies, we can't let ourselves down under any circumstance but let our roars heard: WHATEVER WE WILL GET , WE ARE GOING TO RETURN IT DOUBLE,BOTH IN QUALITY AND QUANTITY...SO THINK TWICE BEFORE APPROACHING US..... and acknowledging this pledge is really the need of the hour.

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