That much coveted "sleep"
|   Apr 17, 2016
That much coveted "sleep"

Once you become a parent you know the real importance of a  good night's sleep and a refreshing nap anytime during the day. It never occured to me that I would be soo sleep deprived once  I become a mommy.Reality struck in when our baby wailed through the stillness of the night and I could no longer sleep peacefully for so many nights that followed because this beautiful creature who just became the most important part of our lives always had to be fed or changed in the middle of the night.

Once the sleep pattern set in and I got more settled with the baby, things started getting a lot better and that much coveted sleep of eight to nine hours at a stretch at night no longer looked  like a distant dream. Now I feel rejuvinated even after slumbering for five or six hours and take charge of things in the morning with greater zeal and vigour.

But after being on the toes the whole day or even for a few hours through the day and running around this  power packed package that God sent us I do feel the need of a good nap or some alone time to just be with myself and strike back with super charged energy. In today's world where a mom is not just a  mom but  a super mom juggling between various tasks at a time it becomes  imperative to catch on some alone time and a short nap would definitely be a bonus on that.

Now the real question comes in " to sleep or not to sleep" ? We have heard this cliche "sleep when the baby sleeps" many times. To some extent it is right but at times really not possible in today's nuclear family set up where the mommy has to get those things done which otherwise aren't possible when the baby is awake. So she gets time to accomplish that long ignored cleaning task or  put together a special dish for dinner or give a call to somebody who she didn't speak to in ages or just sit back and relax when the baby sleeps. Many a time she remains in dilemma "to sleep or spend some alone time or finish never ending household chores". And I am no exception to it.

I had a real hectic day and I was looking forward to my daughter's afternoon nap when I could also catch up on some sleep. I hastily finished my household chores, fixed dinner , fed my fussy eater  all the while thinking of those "happy 2 hrs" when my baby will doze off and i will have all the time in the world!! But my hyper active baby put all my hopes of a good rest down the drain when she just refused to sleep that particular afternoon(read many others too). Curling her lips, she said in her baby language, "mamma  I want to do talking!!let's talk na".  And there I was again bowled out by her cute face and sat up to listen to her cute stories.

On many other instances  the dream of sleeping peacefully when my lil gal sleeps has just not come true. The moment I put her in bed and see her dozzing off peacefully, I decide to shut my heavy eyes n wander in the land of dreams. But I get in a fix again. I force open my eyes and think of reading my favourite novel or just switch on tv to watch something other than cartoons. The good voice in me tries to lull me to sleep but the devil in me wins again and slowly I move out of the bed hoping not to disturb my angel lest I should wake her up. With the stealth  of a thief stealing his way out of the house  I slowwwwwwllllly unlock the door and come out to have that much needed alone time.

Hurrah!!! The child in me squeals with happiness. I try to figure out how to make best use of this sweet "me" time. I surf various channels on tv. Nothing of my choice. I pick up the book I always wanted to read and I hear beep beep.I pick up my phone and end up reading those silly, unproductive forwarded messages. I decide I will read newspaper. Just going through the headlines makes me drowsy. I go through my facebook account for the umpteenth time. Then I look at my watch in horror!!! Gosh I wasted good 40 to 50 minutes of this much awaited  free time doing literally none of the things I wanted to do!!!! 

Finally I pick up the book again but all my efforts to remain awake seem futile. I regret  the decision of not napping with my daughter.  And just when I am thinking of sneaking into the room and lying beside my sleeping beauty to nap at least for 15 minuts if not more, something catches my attention. Tick tick tick!!! I Look at the clock. Oh no! It's time for my little monster to get up. I enter the room anyway and beg, implore, plead the Goddess of dreams to keep my baby engaged in sweet dreams for just a few more minutes so that I can have a quick power nap.

Butttt while I am busy praying , my baby is preparing to get up. She gives a big yawn , stretches her arms ,  opens her twinkling eyes, looks at me lovingly and asks : MAMMA  ALSO SLEPT WELL??

Huhhhh ahh gurrrrrh!!!! I again CHEATED SLEEP OR  did SLEEP CHEAT ME? In any case I am the lone sufferer.

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