Always see the ray of hope in hard-times
|   Dec 11, 2015
Always see the ray of hope in hard-times

Life is like a roller coaster for everyone. Some days are bright and sparkling but others are low and dark. When everything is going in our favor, we jump out of joy and our efficiency doubles! Whereas the moment wind changes its direction, we start feeling low and sad, at this time our efficiency starts dripping down.
In our difficult times we start feeling hopeless, sad and our morale goes down. Our actions start lacking positive and energy that is required to correct the things. As the situation starts getting out of control, we start blaming destiny and our misfortune. Our action power reduces because the energy is used in worrying and cribbing. Since we are stressed out and in low morale, people around us; who are trying to offer help, also look fake and we rift from them. Isolation, depression, stress, ill health are the after comes of such setbacks. This negativity worsens the situation. Things were not as bad as we created ourselves and one already declared self as a loser!
A different outlook towards life; one that is more hopeful and full of positive energy could have changed the entire game! Always see the ray of hope in the worst of darkness. “This too shall pass”, “I will overcome it”, “I will be better tomorrow”, “Tomorrow will be a new day”, repeat these lines in mind. This will kick the positive energy and will force you to take an action. An action is all that is required to change the situation. Don’t dishearten if action doesn’t bring result immediately, some things are meant to work slow. But self-confidence and not losing the hope is the key. Any battle could be won if fought with hope.
Everything has a meaning to it, some situations are meant to train us for a better tomorrow. Nature is beautiful and has a much higher vision than us. Sometimes we fail to understand its plan and name it as “ hard-times”.

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