Hands on experience to Motherhood
|   Apr 19, 2017
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Hands on experience to Motherhood

Some say motherhood has taken away all their freedom while others say it has given them a new perspective of life. To me motherhood has been a tough journey to sail through yet it has been worth all the praise; little sweet and little sour.

I remember my childhood; I never lived without my Maa. I wanted her in every bit of my life; right from the time I woke up till I was off to sleep. Today I understand what it takes to be a mother like that. In our childhood we never understand that our mother is also another normal human being who has some basic needs and need some time of her own to stay sane! We assume (or maybe I was an exception) that she has only one work and that is to be our Genie; attend us anywhere and anytime. Our love and respect for this fairy angel doubles only when we step in her shoes and gets to pay the same role.

It’s funny but I had a secret fear; fear of labour pains! As a child when you are exploring the world there are many things that you understand like a broken puzzle. Some day you may find one piece, the other day another. When I learnt that female give birth and I will go through this, I secretly promised to myself that I will never go through the delivery pains. I had a better plans to escape the pain; adoption.  Life widens your perspective as we grow and the plan was dropped in the growing years. But the funniest part is that I was unaware of the challenges a mother faces and was only scaring myself with the labour pains. Only a mother understands what it takes to be a mother.

My motherhood journey in one sentence is a transformation of a carefree girl to a sensitive and responsible mother.  Continuous sleepless nights, 24*7 support, learning by self experience, no backup support, no monetary perks, high critics, high expectations but zero error rate. I know nothing different it s life of every mother expressed technically. But speaking from the bottom of my heart it takes time to understand this roller coaster ride till you start enjoying it.

Physically I became mother at the time of delivery but it took me time to understand, build and enjoy the bond. Like any new mother I cribbed about pains, failures, dependencies, sleepless night and not being able to do anything other than baby care. But today I realize that the bond I share with my children was build in the effort we both (my child and me) had put to understand each other.  Mother and child are initially connected by umbilical cord and by love throughout rest of the life. We don’t need words to express our emotions and everything need not be expressed at all.

Right from the day I took them in my arms first time till I saw them take their first step, right from their nappies change to their potty training, right from their first cry till they babbled their first mummy. Life has been an amazing journey. Every day was a new challenge and end of the day a new me; evolving as a mother. Mother Nature is so beautiful in itself and we as ladies are blessed to give birth and nurture life. As mothers we can be a creator or a destroyer; yes though everything is not in our hands but we owe a big responsibility right from nutrition to raising up confident and empowered generation with decisive power to discriminate right and wrong. All right things start from beginning. The early 1000 days are the most important days of a child when the child grows physically and mentally. The little one discover themselves and their surroundings, they learn from vibrations and body language. So my experience says keep everything positive, yes it will take a hell lot of patience.  Emphasis more on their motor skills and cognitive skills and keep them away from gadgets. Take them out and help them grow with Mother Nature. Keep them in groups and start the socialising factor from beginning. Make them learn by play, kids enjoy and learn faster.

Be a facilitator and not a creator. Do not keep them bonded only with you. Let them learn and enjoy with others. Sometimes it is good to recharge and bounce back with high energy.

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