Have courage to stand and speak for the right thing
|   Dec 22, 2015
Have courage to stand and speak for the right thing

In a recent incident with a friend, I found how civilized and cultured we are, if can ignore, ”voice of emergency”!

An emergency alarm needs to be addressed at first priority; we all studied. Where is the implementation, if we fail to acknowledge it? She told me how their ambulance stood at every red light because of not getting the way. Though some civilized people got off and howled on others to get aside! Thank God, this gives some relief that still some humanity is left! Such people give hope of the courage to stand and speak for the right.

We usually fail to relate to someone else need, even if it is critical. That’s really sad because do we know what is going to happen to us next minute! For a moment we would not like to keep ourselves in someone else shoes. God forbidden if that someone in need is us then we would expect the crowd to behave in a sensitive way. Do we forget that we make the crowd? The change needs to come within each one of us. At the same time if we are right, we must also have the courage to stand and speak for it. Some people need to be told what is expected off them! Keeping quiet and calm in someone urgency is not a sign of courage. We might not know that someone but does it really matter, despite knowing that our effortless action could save some life.

All of us want to become a good human being, let us first promise to become sensitive to an emergency call. We have the ability to change the remaining half by standing and speaking for the right. Let us build a helping hand to sail through in our agony and pain.

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