Prenatal nutrition, diet and tips
|   Sep 26, 2016
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Prenatal nutrition, diet and tips

As an Indian, we are blessed with many things and one of them is a lot of advice; this majorly also happens because we live in bigger families and have a lot of experienced people around us. The blessing of such a culture is that the moment we fall in a situation where we don’t know what to do; a lot of knowledge and information is flooded around us.  Most of the times it will also help us sail through.

I remember after our wedding another grand reason of discussion and celebration in our families was my pregnancy news. Initially, we kept the test results secret only to us and our doctor. The moment we met her she was the first one to give us a list of do’s and don’ts during this time. It was my first trimester and the food I was supposed to eat mandatory were:

  • Iron supplements
  • Folic acid supplements
  • Protein shakes
  • Calcium supplements

The foods with a complete no-no were:

  • No unconsulted medicines ( the only exception were for Acidity: Digene tablets)
  • Papaya
  • Beetroot
  • Outside food; especially  juices, pickles, curd, cut fruits, salads ( uncooked and cold food as they were most susceptible to causing infections)

Other than the above I was allowed to eat anything and everything. But the mockery was in the first-trimester one feels so many body changes and there is a lot of acidity problem. I didn’t use to feel like eating anything, not even my favorites. I remember my evening sickness; when I would just not like anything and was unable to gallop even the slightest of a bit. Porridge was the only option left with lemon pickle. My saviours throughout, this time, were tamarind balls, occupying a permanent place in my handbag.

I remember losing 2-3 kg during this time.

I started feeling better with my evening sickness in my second trimester allowing me to relish the taste buds. I was expecting to create some memorable incidents like the ones I saw in some Indian movies where the cravings would be brand and flavor specific, at an odd hour of the day. But surprisingly I had no such episode; my husband would really have had prayed hard for this. But yes I remember eating everything and loved that special attention from all. Amazingly two episodes are captured in our memories forever.

Episode 1 where we casually ate momos and noodles and the whole night I kept running here and there because of the baby kicks. The moments were so frequent and forceful that they kept us laughing and excited whole night. We realized that baby also relished the taste.

Episode 2 was when we rushed to the doctor because I was not feeling the baby moment from the last couple of hours. The doctor checked in ultrasound and tried to see the moment but even she didn’t realize it. She advised me to eat a lot of chocolate and lie on my right side. We got a little tense but amazingly the baby started jumping and kicking out of the chocolate joy.

With some good memories, I also have two bad episodes where I had severe gastro problem because of eating some infectious food. The second time it was bad enough to hospitalize me for a week. I remember the culprit were fruit salad at a cousin's wedding. I chose a wrong option thinking it to be a healthier one.

Elders advised me to eat and drink coconut water for a healthier baby and I did that quite often.

In the third trimester, I had a craving to eat a lot of sweets and specially gajar ka halwa. But I guess I over did it. I developed gestenal diabetes and remember the scolding’s I had from my doctor. I was put on 1800 calorie diet plan by my nutritionist and did a regular 30 minutes walk. Even when people around me offered me to eat samosa and panjere ladoo, I was strict enough to deny. They often said it wouldn’t matter and I must not get so serious but I was sure I didn’t want to go on insulins. I reduced my sugar intake by eliminating them from my tea and milk. Controlling diet and walk were only a question of simple focus. The day my sugar levels were in control I gave myself a perk of the desert of my choice. Soon my sugar levels came in control.

I am a vegetarian but I had a good and balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, Proteins and Fibres. I had two glasses of milk every day ( with protein supplement), dairy product( curd , ice creams, paneer, tofu, custard), soya nuggets, seasonal fruits( especially citrus fruits), seasonal vegetables, oats, muesli, nuts ( overnight soaked almonds, raisins, and walnuts) , pulses at least ones a day.

My diet plan was like a blessing in disguise and saved me from putting on extra weight during the last trimester of pregnancy; I fitted in my older jeans. My regular walk kept me active and helped me during my labor; I had a normal delivery.  Yes, I did not eat high-calorie panjeere ladoo and ghee to prepare for delivery. I delivered a healthy baby of 2.9 kg in a normal delivery at the same time I was healthy and weighed exactly the same as before.

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