Dear Men, work harder to catch up with Women!
|   Jun 07, 2017
Dear Men, work harder to catch up with Women!

It has always been said, by our parents, teachers, saints, great scholars, that a person should always keep making progress in life. One should always be thinking of the next achievement to capture, the next quality to embibe, the next skill to learn. If one continues to achieve the next milestone in life he will continuously make progress. His life be no more redundant. He can achieve whatever he aims for.

The female part of the society have always been cooking and taking care of the family, including their male counter parts. This has been their area of expertise and excellence. Whereas the males always chose to go out and fetch bread, spending rest of the time at leisure.

It is very evident, how women has spread her horizons, not in one day, but by making persistent efforts to reach where she is today. Seeing women today, we realise that she can do all good things that a man, apparently, thinks that he is capable of doing. She has made herself so much capable of being a homemaker along with being a masculine weightlifter, bread earner, dirty mechanic, driver or what not. The female section took the saying of the saints seriously and there have been no looking back since then.

Comparatively, males have not made much of a progress all this while. Today, the bread earner badge and the leisure schedule still prevails. I would profoundly mention that there are some men, who when does couple of household chores, are given an A grade certificate or feel on cloud 9. I would say, yes that is important, important to praise them, spread the idea across , buck them up, to let them know that they can do it. It's just a matter of trying thugs out and your determination towards them. These few men do set an example for other men to look up to them and make little small changes in their attitudes to finally see some marked improvements in themselves. Of course , women today, at the position they are, should always looked up by men for their support and guidance in every field of life. I am sure women are more than willing to lend a hand, given their down to earth and non-boasting nature, like they have always been.

We, women, as a community, should hope together, that men soon would reach they level wisdom, kindness, practicality like us. They would also spread their wings and fly high.

Dear Men, its time to tighten your belts and speed up to catch the supersonically growing women of the world today!

All the very best!

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