Dear relatives, it's My Dear Zindagi!
|   Dec 03, 2016
Dear relatives, it's My Dear Zindagi!

Relatives, I can never understand what they are, why they are and how they are so.However, I just love all of them because they make my life so colourful. The color is mostly red, the color of my cheeks when my blood pressure soars even thinking about them.

I always wonder are these relatives humans or they are just taking their frustration out or just love me die-heartedly.

Let me introduce you to my lovely massis. If given an option I would always call them Aunties as they are nowhere near to my Maa (which they are supposed to be as per the name Maasi). Since childhood they are always shining with green jealousy. Although there wasn't anything about me to be J of! I was an above average scorer in my middle school. On the day of results, They used to wish me with that grinning face (I still remember) and ask my marks in each subject just to reply that my cousin has got a little higher than me which made my overall percentage lower than them. Amazing way to buck up a child, isn't it?

Then slowly, when we children grew up, my massis used make me and my mom look down upon because i used to help my mom in kitchen and other household things. Every meet and every getogether I was made to feel so inferior to my cousin sisters who were average scorers and were said to be enjoying their time at their mom's place before getting married. Whereas my mom always told that we are right but never confronted them. She used to say that time will tell.

 I have been on a heavier side of built and wasn't as fair as my other cousins. And this was a crime that I made. Thus, I have always been a hot and favorite topic of my massis. "Beta you should reduce weight. Girls should be thin only then they look beautiful. You should apply multani mitti over night for fairness. Searching for a groom will be a big trouble when you grow up." This, that and what not. I started to become very reluctant to meet them. I lost all my confidence that my parents tried to build. I wasn't able to carry myself and just wanted to stay at home. I wasnt a good friend either. Because I used to fear that people don't like me as I am ugly and fat. I used to break the friendship as soon as we make good friends. Slowly my parents were also getting affected by such embarrassment sessions. They always supported me and pushed me to go for walks. But I was too embarrassed because at that age none of my friends used to go for a morning walk. Also, those Aunties at the park stare at me as if measuring all my tyres.

I used feel shattered when my parents used abuse me for being fat. I felt so alone... my performance at studies came down a little but I always have been good at studies. And that was the only source of happiness and little bit confidence for me. As a teenager I was fat, ugly, poked by everyone and now the nightmare were my pimples.

Everyone got another topic to poke me about. My massis got another hot topic to embarrass me and shatter me. The cherry on the cake was that pimples increase due to stress. And so happened. I was just drowning in the mud of shame and embarrassment and just wanted to stop breathing to end everything. I just wished that this was a nightmare which just disappears in a flick as I open my eyes. But No this was reality of my life. I had to face it.

But only I had the power to swim and get out of this mud and God did that. My strength was the oar to pass through the waves. I got admission in one of most prestigious college of engineering in Delhi. And everyone was quite. I didn't get a single call of congratulations. My confidence boosted. I was all rounder in my college. My relatives just disappeared from my life and neither did i paid any attention. I was busy flying higher and higher. I don't even remember if I had any pimples and I carries myself wrapped in my new found self esteem. After 4 years of college I got placed in one of top US MNCs and flew to Pune. No relative would call and how would they.

 I was much appreciated at work. I started to reduce weight which further enhanced my confidence or rather my confidence in myself reduced my weight. I got married and my parents were proud of me. I was an ideal girl for marriage. Tall, smart, confident, humble, sweet, not to forget who knows cooking quite well. Also, I developed very good health and stamina by exercing and trekking in Pune. I understood the importance of friends.

And now when I am back to my hometown happily married with a baby girl. Now when i see my relatives and my cousins, Life has flipped 180 degs. Some are struggling with their marriage and others are struggling with health. As my father says "all of us have a definite span of struggle and comfort. It's upto you what you take up first". And I know that I took struggle first! For sure!

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