Suffocating Secret of our Society
|   May 27, 2017
Suffocating Secret of our Society

Reading the newspapers and social media stories, for how long more should I rest in silence, stay numb, drink chill water or swollow my fear. Do the parents of those kids were not educated or smart enough? I am smarter or am I more prepared? I can't even karate someone to fight back, could they, who are anonymous in those stories.

It gives me a chill when I even think about this topic. Like many others I have been ignoring it in my mind when I see my daughter. I have chosen all difficult paths to make sure I do not leave any lose ends. In future also we will not even think twice or have another option of any kind which might compromise her safety.

Parenting is the most difficult task. It doesn't come with rules. It's a project where you want the best outcome and ready to put in all hardwork. The fact that both heart and mind should be equally involved in it makes it even more tough. A mother to a young girl finds herself questioning that how should she bring her up in this society. She wants to lead by example and not be a hypocrite herself. This society, that is modern and upbeat but with a twist. If it might, allow her to wear jeans or skirt, it will also grill her with gazes. The traditions will ask her to fold hands in a namaste to the neighbour uncle but what if he is the culprit of her untimely maturity. The society demands her to get out of house and achieve great heights but what if it is not safe out there.

The open secrets are hard to discuss because for it we have accept them wholly. Child abuse is heart shaking and nerve wrecking. So, even before we say the big things "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" or "Feminism" or "Six months of maternity leave" we should be drawing our attention to the life we are going to give to our Betiya. We want to suffocate her in pain or let her fly high.

So, have we accepted this evil that is building up now? Should we discuss and kill it all together? It's high time. Action needed!

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