The WannaBe working woman
|   Jul 13, 2017
The WannaBe working woman

She was smiling all by herself, thinking about the picture of her two years old daughter send by her husband earlier that evening. She was drowned in her own world imagining how her dearest daughter was trying to pull her small chair near the dinning table, trying to climb it to grab the remote control of TV as she wanted to watch her favourite cartoon. How in the act the little one's face bears her naughty smile and that mischivious look. Neha was smiling to herself, when a romantic track filled her heart. Her focus then shifted to her husband , whom she loved with all her heart and soul. She stared recalling their courtship times and after marriage period when both them used to go for long drives at night. Nights always feel so magical. She was feeling that love after a long time in her busy life. She was missing his hand, the warmth it has when she grips her fingers within his. The adrenaline rush when they kissed on a moving car on highway. She opened the window and let the breeze of cool night air rush through her face spreading away her hair.


She suddenly saw the car in front of her stopped and in turn she had to press the break hard to be able to stop. The car came to a stand still. All of the sudden everything stopped. She felt terrified. She got so scared that the sudden mood shift got her eyes wet. She felt numb. She heard horns all around her. She somehow gathered herself and parked her car at the side of the road. She needs to catch a breath, she felt.

As she stopped the car by the road side, she felt numb. The past 10 mins of joy seemed like a dream from her past life. As if she was in some different life. She immediately wanted to rush to her life partner and her daughter and hug them tight. But she knew that before she'll be home they would have slept and tomorrow morning she won't be able to see them as she has to leave early for an important meeting with the board of directors. She felt something missing in her. Her heart came to her throat and tears came out of her eyes.

She realised that in order to define herself she left the integral part of herself far behind. It has been months and days since she recorded a new move of her baby or cooked her husband's favourite dish. She was missing them immensely. Now she had achieved what she wanted to but at a very high cost of not being with her loved ones. She did all of this to make them happy but she wasn't there to make them happy. Thinking all this she started crying fevourously.

It is rightly said that we take the best decisions when after we clear our head. Next morning she woke up and sat beside her husband and daughter to watch them sleeping for hours until they woke up to a pleasant surprise!!

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