15 minutes Early morning walky talky :D
|   Jul 17, 2017
 15 minutes Early morning walky talky :D

Yes you read it write....early morning walk is good for you in everysense !! :) Be it your body , your brain, your emotions whatever it is.....need a little bit of oxygen therapy.....bingo. So forget about your all worries for fifteen minutes in the morning and take a deep breathe ## huuuuhaaaa.

Let me tell you why you should do this:

  • Walking is a fantastic way to say goodbye to high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke risk.
  • Prefer walking solo....so that you can talk to yourself which is very very important for emotional endurance.
  • If you do not wanna sweat in a gym....walking is best for you. 15 minutes walk= 15 minutes workout in a gym.
  • Wanna look young even when you are in your 50's or 60's ....yes that's true. Morning sun rays before 8 am acts like a healing therapy for your skin.

I am not going to stretch much...but i believe this 15 minutes of time we all deserve. You may be a college student, a housewife, a mother or a working woman.......just pull up your socks ....fasten your shoes & here you go.

You may face starting trouble but just keep going on :)

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