C-Section Story : why woman are blamed ?
|   Jul 26, 2017
C-Section Story : why woman are blamed ?

I am still searching for a definite answer to this question. I have a friend named Ragini (name changed) who got married three years back. I know her from my school days and as far as i know her she was one the top runner in our school. And when we all were struggling to get admission in colleges ,she was the one who got admission through sports quota in one of the top colleges of Agra. I never see her in sick mode...actually she was the one who gave all the co-students,list of secrets that leads to healthy lifestyle.

After completing study she got married , i got married and most of our friends then and later were entering into this new phase of life.

Then one day early in the morning my phone bell rang .....it was Ragini! I was wondering why was she calling me so early ...approx a month ago we had a long chat session and she was happily explaining me that her family is excited to welcome the new member...she was 8 months pregnant. Oh then comes in my mind there must be some good news :) 

I picked up her call...and said hello two three times....i sensed something was wrong ! Then few minutes later i have heard a sobbing voice ....yeah she was crying. This was the first time i heard her sobbing like a baby. She told me her complete story that how everyone in her husband's house was making her feel depressed ... taunting on giving birth to a baby through operation. Because she could not walk without support, not able to sit for long to feed baby and feel sick all the time.Adding to this though the ultimate loss to the body she was facing....relatives who were coming to see her and baby, directly or indirectly making fun of her sports activities.

I could not believe my ears for a moment....under which book it is written that physically active ladies are allowed for normal delivery only ....no operation allowed for them???? And i am sure Ragini is not alone, there are 'n' number of other women who bear this kind torture. One thing to mention here is, the reason Ragini told me why she had to go through a c-section "baby was having some breathing trouble!!!! That's ok, it can happen with anyone.

What i have read in Pregnancy related journals is, there are some emergency situations that lead to caesarean . So i am listing  here easy to recall reasons for you all lovely ladies.....Make sure next time if anyone dares to raise their eyebrows hearing about c-section....take a print out of this list and do not forget to hand over to them:

  • Your baby is in bottom down position( called "Baby breech" in medical terms) . In normal cases it is just opposite...babies with their head down.
  • You have a medical condition like heart related issues.
  • Labor time is increasing and increasing.
  • Baby is behaving abnormal and becoming unwell
  • Heavy bleeding during labor
  • lack of oxygen to baby
  • Lack of space for baby's head coming through the vagina which is generally happen when your baby weigh more than 4 kg.

These are the only and only main reasons that a women have to go through a C-Section. No women wants to go for it unless or until situation demands it.

Who can love a baby more than a mother. Think twice before making any judgement.

A big salute to all beautiful mothers :)

Take care of your self. Share it with your loved ones.

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