Why my tears ditched me?
|   Jul 16, 2017
Why my tears ditched me?

I was the youngest member in the family. I was pampered in every possible manner by my parents and by my siblings. Then the day of my marriage came ... and i was about to become a part of a new world. Yes it was an arrange marriage# I was in no doubt and till date i am living happily with my husband.

Why i am writing is just to share that how people can even doubt or question your happiness. The D day was successful , all ceremonies completed in best possible manner.  so here comes the time of my bidai....keeping few tears in my eyes which is of course no one noticed (brides are expected to cry like a month old baby at the time of their bidai.... so that she can earn the title of homely, loving , caring girl by relatives and in-laws) i bade goodbye to my family ....and was excited to start my second inning of life .

But after few days of my wedding  when some relatives in my in-laws house could'nt digest my happiness.... asked me so bluntly that i was stunned for at least 15 minutes...." tum to apne ghar mei sbse choti ho....phir bhi bidai k waqt bilkul nahi royi". and they asked this question till date whenever they sit beside me and found me happy with my husband.

The main point or lesson here is ....no matter what,some people are always ready to judge you . They may hardly know you but will always try to snatch the happiness and smile from your face.

And yes i always answer that question with no words but a big smile on my face :)

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